Fit Freshman

Rec Center
The Fit Freshman Program was started here at South to combat the “freshman fifteen” that many students encounter during their first year of college as well as get first year students more active and involved on campus. It is designed as an online survey to pair students up with a compatible exercise partner, because students are more likely to go to the rec center when they have a partner to exercise with. This program serves to get students more involved, physically fit, and aware of the Rec Center programs here at South. Please fill out the survey below!


  Weight lifting
  I do not know what any of these mean
  Other (please specify)

  Early to midmorning
  Late morning to early afternoon
  Late afternoon and evening

      I fit it in whenever I can

  Increse muscle mass
  Increase overall fitness
  Lose weight
  Get that rockin' body
  Other (please specify)