Strategic Diversity Plan Committee 2007

  • Dr. Pat Covey

    Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Ms. Pam Henderson

    Director Human Resources
  • Mr. Terry Albano

    Investment Manager
  • Dr. Barbara Broome

    Associate Dean, Nursing
  • Dr. Donald Devore

    Associate Professor, History
  • Dr. Andre Green

    Assistant Professor, Leadership and Teacher Education
  • Dr. Irene McIntosh

    Associate Professor, Education, Professional Studies
  • Dr. David Stearns

    Associate Vice President, Enrollment Services
  • Dr. Carl Cunningham

    Manager, Multi-Cultural Student Affairs
  • Mr. Will Jackson

    President, Student Government Association
  • Mr. Jonathan Correia

    President, African-American Student Association
  • Mr. Cecil Gardner

    Member, USA Board of Trustees