Licensing Program

On February 23, 1990, the University of South Alabama established a licensing program to insure that the public consistently and properly identifies and associates University logos, wordmarks, and trademarks on products representing the University. Commercial use of the name, official seal, initials, mascot, logo, and associated symbols of the University is exclusively granted to manufacturers through our agents, Strategic Marketing Affiliates "SMA". The "Officially Licensed Collegiate Products" label will appear on all licensed merchandise.

All items bearing the logo/marks of the University, such as T-shirts, and mats, MUST be ordered through companies that are officially licensed. All University representative can use the licensed logos for official functions without further licensing procedures. Care must be taken to insure the symbols are used properly while maintaining the integrity of the artwork. You may contact the Office of Publication Services (380-2828) prior to producing your product and have your artwork pre-approved. Licensed companies must pay a royalty fee on all items that are produced for resale, however the royalty fee for items that are used internally by the University can be waived.

A letter of request should be sent to the licensing officer stating the nature of the use and that the product is being used internally along with the name and address of the licensed company that will produce the item.