Questions and Answers

What qualifies as a trademark, logo, or symbol?

Any trademark, logo, or symbol that can be interpreted as representing the University of South Alabama, must be licensed.
It is in the best interest of the University of South Alabama to protect its marks and the image of the institution through the licensing program.
There are no exemptions for any retail outlets, including the University of South Alabama Bookstore.
All royalty income received is placed into a permanent endowment for scholarships.
The University trademarks can be used for related activities as long as the presentation is done in a professional manner. All University representatives can use the licensed trademarks for official functions without further licensing procedures. Contact University Publication Services prior to producing your product and have your artwork pre-approved. All items bearing the logo/marks of the University, such as T-shirts and hats, MUST be ordered through companies that are officially licensed. (A list of these will be provided by Publication Services.)
Any use of the University's marks MUST be licensed. A contract printer and embroider must sign a license and pay royalties on the product.
Sales are stimulated by letting the public know how manufacturers are helping the University's scholarship fund. Manufacturers selling unlicensed goods are vigorously pursued and thus the licensed manufacturer's legal rights are protected.
Every effort is made to protect retailers carrying licensed merchandise by keeping unlicensed merchandise off the shelves of competing retailers. If a retailer has any concern regarding a supplier, they can receive up-to-date information from the licensing office.
Any product will be considered by the University; however, no product will be licensed by the University of South Alabama until it has been approved by the University's Logo Committee.
The University of South Alabama trademarks may be any artwork or logo graphic work relating to the presentation of the following; the University of South Alabama, its monograms, the "Jaguar", the official University seal, and any other design, symbol, art, seal, color, word, or group of words that have come to be associated with the University of South Alabama.
Approximately 400 universities and collegiate conferences currently have a licensing program in place either managed by a licensing agency, like Strategic Marketing Affiliates, Inc., or administered internally on campus.
Yes. Before manufacturers or retailers can use the University of South Alabama's marks in advertising, they must obtain written permission from the University.