Slide Show C+C with No Transition

"This rotating slide show includes arrow controls for previous and next slides and can be set to automatically rotate with customized captions for each image - There is no fading effect between image transitions"

  • University of South Alabama Students

  • Student Life

  • Visit Our Campus


Category: Programs (Assets)
Mobile Status:  Responsive
Maintenance:  Difficult
Image Dimensions:  800px (w) - 400px (h)


Web Services can setup the slide show with controls and captions with no fading effect transitions on your website.  Using the (Add to my website) link below email USA Webmaster requesting for (Slide Show Caption Controls - No Transitions) to be added to your website. 

Include the following information in your email:

  • Full website address (URL) of the website homepage using this program
  • Number of Photos you are planning to display
  • Separately email us your photos + captions
  • High Resolution Photos  Only - 800+ px w (min) - 300 dpi (max)
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