Graphics - Condition of Use

"Rules listed on this page govern the use of logos and symbols representing the University of South Alabama on web pages."


The graphic identity of the University is significant in properly representing the university's image. Care has been taken to design a visual symbol that is clear and simple.

The University logo must appear in either all black or the designated logo colors as outlined in the branding guidelines. This is necessary to keep the University's graphic identity strong, consistent and easily recognizable. Graphic standards make an important contribution to University of South Alabama's identity as perceived by our internal and external constituencies.

Any alterations of the logo or new logo designs are not permitted. The logo may be used in any format and size as long as the integrity of the design is preserved. When department names are required, they must be placed outside the logo design.

There are four (4) accepted versions of the University logo:

  1. Solid color background with color type "University of South Alabama" and reversed out USA letters.
  2. Reversed background with solid color USA letters with reversed-out type "University of South Alabama"
  3. Solid color background with reversed-out USA letters, without the type "University of South Alabama"
  4. Reversed background with solid color USA letters, without the reversed-out type "University of South Alabama" and leaving a solid color box.



When using any of the University symbols (symbols include paw prints and jaguars), it is necessary to include the words "University of South Alabama" within or near the emblem.

The "jaguar paw" may or may not incorporate the University logo, however the words "University of South Alabama" need to be placed somewhere near the emblem.


Photographic images are used to visually enhance the website and should create a positive image for USA. It is essential that the photos used are of a high, professional quality and they represent the diversity of our population by showing a range of ages, races, ethnic backgrounds, genders, etc.  Please take a look at the recommended dpi and pixel sizes recommended for use with photos used for feature images in the templates, and keep photos under 50KB to allow them to load more quickly.