Official USA Symbols

"The following logos and symbols of the University of South Alabama may be used on official or personal pages of USA faculty, staff and students."

Instructions for Selecting a USA Logo or Symbol

To copy a USA logo or symbol to your PC, select the appropriate link from the list below, then right click on the graphic displayed and select "Save picture as" and copy to a location on your PC. Official USA Symbols may not be resized, changed in color or in any way modified without express written permission.

University of South Alabama Logo

Logos are available here in the permitted layouts and colors.  All files are png format which is preferred for use on the web.  These can be resized but should never be enlarged beyond the original file size as the image quality will be compromised. If a different format is desired, please contact us at

USA Letters Only

The use of the logo without the name spelled out is an alternate that is acceptable only when "University of South Alabama" appears in close proximity.

Logo, no words (black)
Logo, no words (blue)
Logo, no words (red)
Logo, no words (white)

 Logo in Blue- no words

Primary Logo

Use the USA logo on all marketing materials.  This includes business cards, letterhead, brochures, newsletters, admissions publications, recruitment materials, summer program publications, videos, and websites. 

The logo must remain as originally drawn and proportioned, and should not be modified or altered in any way.  The text is a graphic element, not a typeface.  Do not use the logo or any part of it in narrative copy.

Primary Lockup (red w/blue)
Primary Lockup (red w/black)

Primary Lockup (black only)
Primary Lockup (blue only)
Primary Lockup (red only)
Primary Lockup (white only)



Primary logo - red with blue

Left Justified

An alternate logo that is acceptable for use when space or design does not allow for use of the primary logo.

Left Justified (red w/black)
Left Justified (red w/blue)

Left Justified (black only)
Left Justified (white only)

Left Justified red and black

Horizontal, Stacked

Another alternate logo that can be used when the primary logo does not fit.

Horizontal Stacked (red w/black)
Horizontal Stacked (red w/blue)

Horizontal Stacked (black)
Horizontal Stacked (blue)
Horizontal Stacked (red)
Horizontal Stacked (white)

Horizontal Stacked red
Jaguar Logo  
Please remember: The Jag Head logo is primarily used as an athletics mark. In certain instances, the Jag Head may also appear as a spirit mark. The Jag Head logo is NOT an acceptable substitute for the USA logo on academic or business materials

Jaguar Logo, very large 300DPI
Jaguar Logo, medium
Jaguar Logo, small

Jaguar Athletics Logo

Note: The PAWS logo should always be used with a hyperlink of: for the Banner Web system or for the Banner Information web site.


PAWS logo