Dreaming Big in the College of Nursing

iStanUSA College of Nursing student Mike Martin is pursing his Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree. He said it was a freak accident aboard his U.S. Coast Guard ship in the early 90s that nearly took his friend's life and led him to the nursing profession. Martin had no medical experience at the time, but when his friend was injured, he stepped in and helped save the shipmate's life and realized his own career path.

"I knew at that moment what I wanted to do with my life," said the 38 year-old Latimer, Mississippi native. "I had a gift." Martin has since built a nursing career, evolving from an emergency medical technician to registered nurse to his current work as a nurse practitioner in clinical and surgical orthopedics.

Dean Debra Davis, explains that Martin's career path mirrors a trend in the nursing profession. She says, "Emerging technology, scientific advances and an escalating demand for healthcare have helped drive the need for nurses to pursue the highest level of nursing practice." USA's College of Nursing continues to respond to this trend with academic programs including the DNP program to give students the training to excel in the healthcare job market.

Support for the College of Nursing through the South Alabama Annual Fund helps USA students beyond the classroom by introducing them to leading-edge technologies like the iStan, a state-of-the-art simulator that can mimic human functions such as pulse, breathing, blinking, sweating, crying and urinating. This amazing patient simulator is based around a human-like skeletal structure. The iStan closely mimics the anatomical workings of the human body to a level of realism not possible with other simulators. The spine, neck, arms and hips all move with incredible life-like accuracy. Modeled from the unique cast of a person, the skin of iStan acts, looks and feels like that of a real human.

The fact that Martin and his fellow students are exposed to the iStan simulator is indicative of USA's commitment to providing nursing students with the very latest and best educational opportunities. USA's College of Nursing is fortunate to be the first institution outside of the U.S. military to acquire the high-tech teaching aid.

Your support of the South Alabama Fund helps the USA College of Nursing offer the best possible education!