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Financing Your University of South Alabama Education


University of South Alabama Making a Difference
Attending the University of South Alabama is a wise investment in your future!
Your college education is likely one of the biggest investments you and your family will ever make. This is an important commitment, one that with the right financial plan will pay off throughout your future.
This web site gives you a brief description of some of the scholarship and financial aid programs available to help families send a student to the University of South Alabama. All the programs have one objective: to help provide an education affordable to you at the University of South Alabama. Remember: the University of South Alabama is a great buy for a quality education.
Compare the costs and you'll find that tuition and living expenses here are definitely competitive with other major universities.
Like most students planning for college, you probably have many questions, beginning with "How much will it cost and can I afford it?” Don't worry - financing your education is less complicated than it seems. At the University of South Alabama , you have many payment choices, from federal loans to scholarships to payment plans. Even if you're not sure whether you'll need financial aid, it's important to know what's available and to begin the process of applying for many sources of aid as soon as possible. To help you start planning, we've prepared this quick guide to USA costs, payment plans, financial aid options, and scholarships.
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USA is a major university with over 14,000 students, 56,000 alumni, 5,800 employees, four campuses, and offers certificate programs and Baccalaureate, Master's, M.D., and Ph.D. degrees.
With an average class size of 23, USA students have the opportunity to interact with faculty in the classroom setting.
USA has a 19:1 student to faculty ratio allowing students to get the academic help they need directly from the faculty member teaching the class.
USA offers nationally accredited academic programs.
Over 76.7% of the faculty hold doctorate degrees.
USA has excellent facilities for academic programs, research, and student activities.
A major institution at an exceptional value.
The performance of USA students on national credentialing and state licensure exams is excellent.
Over 160 student organizations are available for every interest, providing students with the opportunities to develop leadership skills and meet new people.
USA participates in NCAA Division I Athletics; the Jaguars play in the Sun Belt Conference.
Sophisticated computer labs are readily available for student use. USA offers courses online at the undergraduate and graduate level.

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