new orleans 2007
Approaching the Big Easy on I-10 was sobering: miles of abandoned houses, apartments and shopping malls.  The French Quarter was back in business but there wasn’t much music in the streets.
A city with less joy than before Katrina
Visions of a grander future
Mother’s: still there, still great
Dan with Mark and Peggy Kidwell
A grey day
Jackson square: down and out or just resting?
Jax brewery
Cafe du Monde
I’ll have...
the ususal.
Antique shop courtyard
hotel entrance
Canal Street...
in better weather
Igor Mineyev and Steve Brick
Me with Scott Carter
Mark Kidwell and Dan
Jyoti and Abhijit Champanerkar
Truncated hyperdodecahedron
at the Zometool display
Twelfth Night
With Mike Kelly...
and Jerome Los
at Coop’s
A foggy night
The Pearl
Meyer the Hatter
Joint Mathematics Meetings