Resources page for Susan Williams

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Miscellaneous Links

Mathematical Origami

Mobile Mathematical Sociey

Geometry and topology:

George Hart's Encyclopedia of Polyhedra

Stella--Create Polyhedra and Nets!

Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions. The full text of Edwin Abbott Abbott's classic work, with illustrations.

Dror Bar-Natan's Image Gallery. Tilings, symmetries, knots (including some movies of knot tricks) and much more. Yes, those are my medallion and shirt pin on the Knotted Objects page.

Hyperbolic plane constructions. Crochet your own hyperbolic plane, or build a hyperbolic soccer ball out of paper.

"Not Knot" Poster. A view inside 3-dimensional hyperbolic space, from the cult classic movie "Not Knot." Click on "Original Size" and get up close to the screen.

Dynamics and chaos:

My Scholarpedia article on Symbolic Dynamics.

The Period Doubling Route to Chaos. A quadratic map applet provided by Michael Cross at Cal Tech.

Mathematics and art:

Termespheres: Dick Termes's page of his perspective paintings on spheres.

Lessons in Mathematics and Art from the Viewpoints program.

Perspective, entry from the Mathworld online encyclopedia.

History of Mathematics:

History of Mathematics Archive of the University of St. Andrews. Read about the Marquis de L'Hospital, author of the first comprehensive calculus text, and his curious contract to purchase Johann Bernoulli's discoveries for his own use and publication.

Mathematics Genealogy Project. Find your professors' mathematical roots on this student-run database.

Markov Chains:

Markov chain model for the game of craps. Frank Wattenberg walks you through the construction of a Markov chain model for this popular betting game. An applet lets you play the game with simulated dice and follow your progress through the states of the chain.

Markov chain model for faculty planning. The authors identify 17 states, from tenure-track assistant professor to resignation, termination, retirement or death, and give a transition matrix based on various studies.

Differential Equations:

MyPhysicsLab applets for mass-spring systems, single and double pendulum, and lots more.

David Harrison's Flash Animations for Physics. These include a chaotic 3-body system and very convincing animations of Hooke's Law and driven simple harmonic motion.

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