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Office of Multicultural Affairs
History and Purpose

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs was established in June 1990. The office serves to:

  • Coordinates efforts to increase the retention of African American Students
  • Provides programming for cultural awareness and communication among the University Community
  • Encouraging students to participate in all aspects of campus life
  • Provide leadership opportunities for aspirating student leaders

OMSA also works closely with the African American Student Association to provide programs for African American History as well as other activities. Other programs that are offered include: Showcase of Excellence Honors Program, and Male/Female Summit. Some of the noted speakers Dr. Cornell West, Dr. Brock, Leisel “Q” Quamine, Tony Brown, Keith Brown, and others. These programs help to expose students to speakers, conferences, and campus leadership.


The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs takes a participatory role to help ease the transition from high school or junior college to the university environment.


To assist with the transition to the university environment, Big Brother, Big Sister was created. Big Brother, Big Sister is a mentoring program that was established to increase the retention of African American Students. Mentors are upperclassmen and faculty/staff members who volunteer their time to guide and support the incoming students.


OMSA supports numerous programs and activities. The office encourages students to participate and obtain leadership positions.

Student Center, Room 110; Phone: (251) 460-6895; FAX: (251) 460-7107
Office of Multicultural Student Affairs
University of South Alabama
- Mobile, Alabama 36688

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