Kelli Caddell
About Me

I am from Mobile, AL. I attended the University of South Alabama for undergrad and received a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences. I am currently enrolled in Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy as a second year pharmacy student. I absolutely love my hometown so volunteering at the clinic is just another way I get to stay involved in my community.

Why I Am Grateful for the Clinic?

I am grateful for the clinic because it is a way for me to stay involved in my community. Many of our patients are from Mobile or the surrounding areas, so being able to help members within my own community is very rewarding. Our patients have amazing stories and such positive outlooks on life despite their hardships. They are truly inspiring to be around and that is what keeps so many of our volunteers coming back each week

Fun Fact

I love singing and dancing. So much so, that during my first week working at Walgreens Pharmacy my coworkers gave me the nickname “R. Kelly” because I would sing while I worked..

Kelli Caddell