Paige Trawick
Research Coordinator
About Me

I am an Ole Miss graduate from Fairhope, AL, avid Alabama & Ole Miss fan, and am now in my first year of pharmacy school at Auburn University. Thus, as a former cheerleader for Ole Miss & the Crimson Tide, I daresay I've had quite a broad experience in regard to the SEC. I graduated with a Biology and Chemistry degree, I love molecules & animals, and my dream is to achieve a career in molecular research and/or drug discovery & synthesis.

Why I am grateful for the Clinic

The primary importance of the clinic at 15th Place is to help and improve the health of the underserved populations of Mobile. It is important to me not only to learn about the homeless population and help those in need, but also to learn to work as an interprofessional team with the other health professions before graduating and entering the real world of medicine. The clinic provides this opportunity for us & allows us to practice what we know, alongside each other and attending physicians & practitioners, while at the same time, having the opportunity to witness and improve one of life's most sensitive and distressing hardships that people face daily. In addition to this, it is very important to me to learn to apply the things I am learning in school to real life situations, making the subject matter of my profession all the more meaningful and tangible. For all of these reasons, I am very grateful for the clinic at 15th place.

Fun fact

Hellen Keller is my great aunt.

Paige Trawick