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Welcome to the web site of the Eta Kappa Chapter of The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. Pi Kappa Alpha is a fraternity that excels in every aspect of greek life. Known as Pikes, members are bound together for one purpose; the never ending drive to be the best in all arenas of life. Whether in the classroom or on the athletic field, Pi Kappa Alpha exhibits a commitment to excellence that is unsurpassed.

What about you? If the qualities of brotherhood, the loyalties of friendship, and the desire for excellence are what you're after, check us out. Joining a fraternity is a once in a lifetime experience. That experience becomes even more extraordinary at Pi Kappa Alpha.

We hope that this site will be a useful resource in the guarantee that Pi Kappa Alpha will remain strong within the bonds of brotherhood. We've included some great resources on this site to keep you updated with the latest news from Pike. You'll find useful links like rush information, chapter information, photos and many other kinds of topics. Check frequently for updates. We hope you enjoy your visit here with us.





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