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October 15, 2003

University Kicks Off United Way Campaign

The 2003 United Way of Southwest Alabama fund-raising campaign is underway, and the University has pledged its support with plans to raise $211,569 by Oct. 22.

United Way of Southwest Alabama Inc. provides funds for 56 health and human service organizations in Mobile, Clarke and Washington counties. Some of their services include caring for the homeless and hungry, helping children and families in crisis, supporting the disabled, and providing drinking and drug prevention programs.

“We are all asked to contribute to a variety of worthy causes,” University President Gordon Moulton said. “However, I encourage you to support the United Way, an agency that focuses on local community needs and with assurance that your dollars are used for the programs you wish to support.

“The causes that the United Way supports are critical to the framework of our community,” he said.

According to USA’s United Way Key Person Carla Morgan, business manager in Facilities, Planning and Construction, the University family continues to be a valued supporter of United Way agencies.

Thirty-four percent of USA’s employees participated in USA’s United Way drive last year, which raised $201,494. The University’s 2003 goal exceeds last year’s contribution by $10,075 and is hoped to bring the non-profit organization closer to its $6.2 million goal.

"We are inspired by the generosity of the employees of the University and the positive impact the University has had on the United Way," Morgan said.

Dr. Joseph Busta, vice president for development and alumni relations, said the University’s contribution has grown increasingly important.

“The University of South Alabama has traditionally been a leader in United Way fund-raising efforts, and our participation is especially important this year in light of state budget cuts and tough economic times.

“With the help of USA employees, the United Way can continue to provide the services that will make a difference in the lives of so many.

For more information on the University’s United Way campaign, contact Morgan at 460-6601.

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