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March 1, 2005
Contact: Jennifer Ekman, USA Office of Public Relations, (251) 460-6360

The Faculty/Staff Annual Fund Needs You

The 2005 Faculty/Staff Annual Fund campaign offers a chance for the USA community to demonstrate its belief in the University.

Annual Fund gifts help strengthen USA, improve programs and services, build a better environment for learning, work and service, and establish a legacy for future generations. When faculty and staff contribute to USA, they serve as great role models for the entire community, Annual Fund leaders say.

Co-chairs for this year's campaign are Dr. John Steadman, dean of the College of Engineering, and Dr. Joseph LoCicero III, professor of surgery.

Dr. John Steadman
  Dr. Joseph LoCicero III
Dr. John Steadman
Dr. Joseph LoCicero III

"Nothing is more important to private donors than to know that faculty and staff have themselves demonstrated their commitment to the University," Steadman says.

Steadman and LoCicero both said that their main goal is to have high participation from across the University community. The leaders say every gift is appreciated. The 2005 goal for fundraising is $125,000.

In 2004, the Faculty/Staff Annual Fund raised more than $117,000, up from $85,000 raised in 2003.

Some 1,821 USA employees, nearly 40 percent, participated in last year's annual fund, up from 22 percent in 2003.

Offices with 100 percent participation in 2004 were: the Registrar; Public Relations; Publications; School of Computer and Information Sciences; College of Nursing; President's Office; University Attorney; Baugh Biomedical Library; and Development and Alumni Relations.

Groups with the highest percentage of participation increase last year were: Governmental Relations; Sponsored Programs; College of Allied Health Professions; College of Engineering; and USA Knollwood.

The 2005 campaign continues through April 15. Donations may be designated for a specific purpose or applied to the greatest areas of need. Gifts made to endowment accounts will be matched by the University.

All contributions made to the USA Annual Fund are confidential and tax-deductible.

2005 Faculty/ Staff Annual Fund Division Representatives:
Name & Annual Fund Division Phone Campus Address Dean/Director
Ms. Teresa Aikens,
Medical Center
471-7331 Infectious Control Ms. Beth Anderson
Ms. Shelly Allen,
Cancer Research Institute
460-2488 MSB 2015 Dr. Michael Boyd
Ms. Beth Bachman,
President/Attorney's Offices
460-6294 AD 130 Ms. Jean Tucker
Ms. Rebekah Bailey,
College of Medicine
471-7836 MCSB 1155 Dr. Robert Kreisberg
Dr. Tim Beard,
Student Affairs
460-6172 SC 270 Dr. Dale Adams
Ms. Krissy Blake,
Children's and Women's Hospital
415-1112 Eval Center Dr. Becky DeVillier
Mr. Bill Brainerd,
College of Medicine
460-7697 CCCB 0278 Dr. Robert Kreisberg
Ms. Ann Brown,
Medical Center
471-7669 Administration Ms. Beth Anderson
Ms. Judy Burnham,
Biomedical Library
460-6888 CBBL 0324 Dr. Robert Kreisberg
Ms. Leslie Carley,
Children's and Women's Hospital
415-1177 Labor & Delivery Dr. Becky DeVillier
Ms. Mary Lynne,
Cochran Medical Center
471-7684 Social Services Ms. Beth Anderson
Ms. Kaye Cooper,
Children's and Women's Hospital
415-1115 Surgical Services Dr. Becky DeVillier
Ms. Sandy Corry,
College of Education
380-2738 UCOM 3616 Dr. Richard Hayes
Mr. Scott Cox,
Public Relations/Publications
460-6633 AD 250 Mr. Keith Ayers
Mr. Steve Croft,
Sponsored Programs/Government Relations, Institutional Research
460-6456 AD 200 Mr. Bob Galbraith
Ms. Amy Davis,
Children's and Women's Hospital
415-1215 Mother Baby Dr. Becky DeVillier
Ms. Elnora Davis,
Children's and Women's Hospital
415-1615 Central Supply Dr. Becky DeVillier
Mr. Kenny Davis,
460-7111 MSHP Mr. Wayne Davis
Mr. Daniel Day,
Computer Services and Telecommunications
460-6939 CSC Mr. David Blough
Ms. Karen Deakins,
Children's and Women's Hospital
415-1545 PICU Dr. Becky DeVillier
Dr. Cathy Dearman,
College of Nursing
434-3608 SHAC 5023 Dr. Debra Davis
Ms. Peggy DeArmon,
Children's and Women's Hospital
415-1660 Radiology Dr. Becky DeVillier
Ms. Ginger Edgar,
University Library
460-7021 LB 145 Dr. Richard Wood
Mr. Butch Emmons,
Auxiliary Enterprises
460-6481 SC 142 Dr. Dale Adams
Ms. Susan Eschete,
Children's and Women's Hospital
415-8585 MOM Care Dr. Becky DeVillier
Ms. Brenda Everett,
Knollwood Hospital
660-5442 Surgical Services Mr. Tom Gibson
Ms. Marion Ezell,
Academic Affairs/Graduate School
460-7364 AD 300 Dr. Pat Covey
Ms. Cathy Faison,
Children's and Women's Hospital
415-1633 Admitting Dr. Becky DeVillier
Mr. Robert Foley,
College of Engineering
460-6140 EGCB 108 Dr. John Steadman
Mr. Larry Fox,
Children's and Women's Hospital
415-1630 Pharmacy Dr. Becky DeVillier
Dr. Jeannette Fresne,
College of Arts & Sciences
460-6697 PAC Dr. David Johnson
Mr. Gerald Gattis,
Financial Affairs
460-6133 AD 260 Mr. Wayne Davis
Dr. Mark Gillespie,
College of Medicine
460-6497 MSB 3344 Dr. Robert Kreisberg
Mr. John Goodroe,
Department of Athletics
461-1366 HPE 1105 Mr. Joseph Gottfried
Mr. Warren Green,
Medical Center
471-7614 Environmental Services Ms. Beth Anderson
Dr. Woody Hannum,
School of Continuing Education/Brookley
460-6270 AHE 120 Dr. Tom Wells
Dr. Edward Harrison,
Mitchell College of Business
460-6411 MCOB 347 Dr. Carl Moore
Ms. Kathy Herndon,
Registrar's Office
460-7733 AD 165 Ms. Melissa Wold
Mr. Malcolm Howell,
College of Medicine
434-3583 SHAC 1600 Dr. Robert Kreisberg
Ms. Martha Hunt,
Knollwood Hospital
660-5146 Medical Records Mr. Tom Gibson
Mr. Harvey Ikner,
College of Medicine
660-5735 KPG 4 Medical Park Dr. Robert Kreisberg
Ms. Carol Jackson,
Central Housing
460-6185 DLTC 110 Mr. Joe Green
Ms. Mary Kemp Smith,
Children's and Women's Hospital
415-1315 High Risk OB Dr. Becky DeVillier
Ms. Lanelle Kirkpatrick,
Children's and Women's Hospital
415-1071 Food Services Dr. Becky DeVillier
Dr. James Lee,
College of Arts & Sciences
460-7077 HUMB 0034 Dr. David Johnson
Ms. Mary Ellen Leffard,
Children's and Women's Hospital
415-1123 Volunteer Services Dr. Becky DeVillier
Ms. Sally Marcinek,
Children's and Women's Hospital
415-1685 QM/ED Dr. Becky DeVillier
Ms. Regina McCreary,
Cancer Research Institute
460-2288 MSB 2015 Dr. Michael Boyd
Ms. Claudnette McGrew,
Medical Center
471-7265 Volunteer Services Ms. Beth Anderson
Ms. Dawn McKinney,
School of Computer & Information Sciences
460-7639 FCW 20 Mr. David Feinstein
Mr. Mike McPherson,
Children's and Women's Hospital
415-1610 Laboratory Dr. Becky DeVillier
Ms. Cheri McRoyan,
Medical Center
471-7230 Laboratory Ms. Beth Anderson
Mr. Rich Nenstiel,
College of Allied Health
434-3641 SHAC 4410 Dr. Richard Talbott
Dr. Phil Norris,
Baldwin County Campus
928-8133 Baldwin County Dr. Tom Wells
Ms. Joyce Palmer,
Children's and Women's Hospital
415-1441 Ped/Adol Dr. Becky DeVillier
Mr. John Pannelli,
College of Medicine
460-7188 CSAB 269 Dr. Robert Kreisberg
Mr. Shelton Perry,
Children's and Women's Hospital
415-1638 Environmental Services Dr. Becky DeVillier
Dr. Paul Pietri,
Mitchell College of Business
460-6130 MCOB 133 Dr. Carl Moore
Ms. Rebecca Pope,
Children's and Women's Hospital
415-1679 Cardiopulmonary Dr. Becky DeVillier
Ms. Renee Rogers,
Children's and Women's Hospital
415-1215 NICU Dr. Becky DeVillier
Ms. Sharon Scott,
Knollwood Hospital
660-5826 Volunteer Services Mr. Tom Gibson
Mr. Kirk Simm,
Children's and Women's Hospital
415-1642 Medical Records Dr. Becky DeVillier
Ms. Marla Sklopan,
Enrollment Services
460-6494 AD 255 Dr. J. David Stearns
Dr. John Strange,
College of Education
621-0689 UCOM 3412 Dr. Richard Hayes
Mr. Carl Sullivan,
Knollwood Hospital
660-5777 Cardiopulmonary Mr. Tom Gibson
Ms. Becky Tate,
College of Medicine
460-6845 HSB 213H Dr. Robert Kreisberg
Dr. Allen Tucker,
College of Medicine
471-7799 Pathology Dr. Robert Kreisberg
Mr. George Tullos,
Medical Center
434-3579 SHAC 3531 Beth Anderson
Mr. Pete Vadas,
Children's and Women's Hospital
415-1690 Plant Operations Dr. Becky DeVillier
Mrs. Jennifer Vellianitis,
Development & Alumni Relations
460-7084 AH Dr. Joseph Busta
Ms. Karen Walker,
Children's and Women's Hospital
415-1670 Therapy Services Dr. Becky DeVillier
Dr. Cay Welsh,
College of Arts & Sciences
460-7149 PTCL 0015 Dr. David Johnson
Dr. Lois Wims,
College of Arts & Sciences
460-6280 HUMB 118 Dr. David Johnson

For more information, call the University Office of Development at 460-7032.

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