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April 12, 2005
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USA Alumnus Michael McGlothren Establishes New Scholarships, Awards

USA alumnus Michael McGlothren credits his philosophy professors with expanding his intellectual horizons and turning him from a young, would-be math major into a successful attorney.

“These professors opened my intellectual horizons and taught me how to think globally,” he says. “I realize that the philosophy training I received has given me a tremendous advantage.”

In honor of his education at USA, McGlothren has recently established a new faculty scholar award and scholarship in philosophy in honor of his family members. His recent gifts continue a pattern of donations he has made over the past 10 years that have aided students in the study of philosophy at USA.

Michael McGlothren
Michael McGlothren

McGlothren says that he made a commitment that his donations would encourage the study of philosophy, a discipline that means so much to him. “It’s one of the best educations you can get at the University of South Alabama,” he says.

McGlothren has created the Olivia Rambo McGlothren Outstanding Faculty Scholar award, in honor of his mother. The $5,000 donation, which was matched by University funds, will assist the USA National Alumni Association in recognizing outstanding faculty.

He also recently donated a $10,000 scholarship to create the Renee McGlothren Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Philosophy, in memory of his late sister. The University matched this gift as well.

McGlothren’s recent donations follow other gifts to the philosophy department. In 1995, he gave a $16,000 endowment gift donation to honor the memory of his late brother, Charles. That same year, he established a philosophy speaker’s endowment fund in honor of his parents with a $10,000 gift. In 1997, he made a $1,000 donation to the Wesley Foundation. Then in 2000, he added a $5,000 endowment donation to the Speaker’s Fund, which was matched by the University.

In December 2003, McGlothren created the Charles R. and Olivia Rambo McGlothren Endowed Scholarship. McGlothren’s $10,000 scholarship donation was matched by the University, creating a $20,000 scholarship endowment. McGlothren’s donations to USA have totaled $57,000 to date, with an additional total of $15,000 in matching funds made by the University.

McGlothren says his parents instilled a commitment to education early through frequent trips to the library. He also credits them with a solid, Christian upbringing, which has guided him throughout his life.

“I feel like I’m the luckiest guy in the world,” he says. “The best compliment anyone can pay me is that I’m like my Mom and Dad.”

McGlothren says that his memorial scholarships in honor of his deceased siblings, Charles and Renee, have also meant much to his parents. “My brother and sister live on in the form of these scholarships,” McGlothren says.

Although he considered a career in the ministry, McGlothren says he’s happy that he followed his father’s advice and chose the law. After graduating with a 3.83 grade point average from USA, McGlothren went on to study at Cumberland School of Law at Sanford University in Birmingham. McGlothren credits his philosophy training, along with his experiences in public speaking, with helping him throughout his admission into and completion of law school.

Since earning his law degree, McGlothren has been a trial lawyer in private practice, with an emphasis on plaintiff’s work. He began working on cases with attorney Andy Citrin in 1998, and they incorporated Citrin & McGlothren, P.C. in 2001.

“I would practice law even if I didn’t make any money doing it,” he says.

Now a resident of Rock Creek, McGlothren is engaged to Janet Spencer. He credits Dr. Susan Youngblood, an assistant professor of philosophy, with help in creating his scholarship programs. McGlothren feels a great deal of honor for other professors as well, including Drs. Robert Perkins, John Buckley and Wes Baldwin.

“The professors were always there for me, always there to answer questions, and always did an excellent job,” he says.

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