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August 26, 2005
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USA Enrolls 13,328, Record Number of High ACT Scorers

MOBILE – The University of South Alabama this fall enrolled 13,328 students, including a record number with ACT scores of 30 or higher.

A continued effort to attract high academic achievers led USA this fall to enrolling a record of 50 new freshmen with ACT scores of 30 or above, including one student who scored a perfect 36 on the national college entrance exam. USA has a record 76 freshmen with ACT scores of 29 or above.

“USA has experienced substantial growth in recent years due to the high quality and variety of our academic programs, and to our dedicated faculty who are committed to the individual success of each student,” said USA President Gordon Moulton. “We are gratified that the University continues to attract an ever-increasing number of academically talented students.”

Fall enrollment represents a leveling off for USA after a five-year growth spurt that saw USA’s student body grow by more than 2,100 students, or 19 percent, making it among the state’s fastest growing universities, according to data compiled by the Alabama Commission on Higher Education. USA enrollment set a record of 13,538 last fall.

“Due in part to our rapid growth, we implemented some new policies this fall to ensure that the maximum number of classroom spots were available to meet student demand,” Moulton said. “These new policies, which required earlier payment of tuition, account for much of the reduction in the overall number. However, the number of credit hours taken is almost exactly the same as last year, suggesting that we were successful in our goal of meeting student needs.”

USA's students also reflect strong diversity, with African-Americans making up approximately 16.8 percent of the student body, up from 14.2 in 1999.

Graduate school enrollment for this fall is 2,715, while USA’s Baldwin County campus enrollment is 676.

Here are total enrollments for USA's colleges and schools: Arts and Sciences, 3,720; Mitchell College of Business, 1,709; Education, 2,427; Engineering, 903; Allied Health Professions, 1,265; Nursing, 2,055; Computer and Information Sciences, 428; Continuing Education and Special Programs, 305; and Medicine, 511.

USA awarded a total of 2,417 degrees in 2004-05, bringing its historic total to 55,417. USA alumni include some 1,800 practicing physicians.

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