TO: USA Faculty, Staff and Students

FROM: President Gordon Moulton

SUBJECT: USA Fall Semester 2005 Policies on Student Issues Related to
Hurricane Katrina

September 20, 2005

The University of South Alabama is making every effort to assist students affected by Hurricane Katrina. Because of the magnitude of this disaster, there will be needs beyond the scope of the University's ability to assist. Likewise, state law prevents public universities from providing certain kinds of relief, such as cash payments or free tuition.

Here are measures USA is taking to assist students:
  • Through a grant from the USA Foundation, USA is providing scholarships to all non-resident students in the storm-affected states of Louisiana and Mississippi to cover the non-resident portion of their tuition. This reduces tuition costs by one-half for these students for the fall semester. Students from these areas who have already paid non-resident tuition will be automatically refunded the non-resident portion. Students should check their PAWS accounts after Monday, Sept. 26. Students with direct deposit will receive an automatic refund; all others should call the Bursar's Office at 460-6067 to arrange to pick up their checks or provide an address for the check to be mailed.
  • USA is making available emergency loans of up to $500 for students with hurricane related hardships. Students should apply for these loans through the Office of Enrollment Services, Dr. David Stearns, Room 255 Administration Building, 460-6494.
  • Students unable to pay the balance on their student accounts with the University by September 30, 2005, will NOT be withdrawn from classes for fall semester, nor will they be assessed a late fee.
  • Students who have not previously applied for financial aid, including loans, but who now have need, should contact the USA Office of Financial Aid or go to the Financial Aid Web site at Please be aware that it is not too late to receive student loans for fall semester.
Like other universities, USA is waiting for information from the federal government as to whether additional financial assistance will be made available to students affected by the storm. USA will provide this information to students as it becomes known. Meanwhile, Sallie Mae, the largest student loan servicer in the U.S., is arranging for storm affected students who were displaced to USA from universities in Mississippi and Louisiana to receive emergency loans of up to $1,000. For information on this program, do not contact USA, but instead contact Sallie Mae at or toll free at 888.272.5543.

Students needing assistance with class notes or access to shared textbooks can contact their faculty members. Students have created a Web bulletin board to assist classmates affected by the storm. Visit: