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June 13, 2006
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Three Caldwell Scholarship Winners Announced
USA Students Plan Trips to France

Left to right, the James and Ivel Caldwell Scholarship winners Danielle Bruhl, Caroline Lyons, and Tania Morris-Diaz, all of Mobile, visit with Ivel Caldwell and her son Jim during a recent luncheon reception.

Three USA students have received scholarships to study abroad through the Caldwell Scholarship.

Since 1994, the James and Ivel Caldwell Scholarship has helped 18 USA students gain international training. The $70,000 endowment by the family and friends of Dr. and Mrs. Caldwell helps students in the College of Arts and Sciences travel and study abroad.

The late Dr. Caldwell was a well-known educator in Alabama and several foreign countries, including Iraq, Jordan and Indonesia. During USA’s formative years, Dr. Caldwell served as vice president for development and contracts. He also wrote, “Magic -- No! Miracle – Yes! The Founding and Early Development of The University of South Alabama.”

Jim Caldwell, a son of the late Dr. Caldwell, said his father had a vision for USA and Mobile’s international presence because of its strategic location on the Gulf of Mexico.

“This University should serve its interests by educating people in international politics and culture,” Mr. Caldwell said.

After seeing scholarship winners receive the award, Mr. Caldwell said his late father was incredibly pleased and hopeful for their future success.

“It was something that was a dream fulfilled for him,” Mr. Caldwell said.

Dr. Stephen Morris, professor of political science, said the Caldwell Scholarship removes the financial hurdle that often prevents USA students from studying abroad.

“Nothing compares to a true international experience,” said Morris, who participated in a life-changing study abroad program in 1981. “It provides a real life laboratory that brings together language, culture, politics and society. The classroom is merely a reflection of and an abstraction of reality, whereas a program abroad gives the students a true taste of that reality.”

Seniors Danielle Bruhl and Caroline Lyons will journey to Dijon, France, this summer for a six-week program at Universite de Bourgogne.

Lyons, a 27-year-old Mobilian, said she would like to learn to speak French fluently in order to continue her education with a master’s degree in secondary education, concentrating on French and social studies. At USA, she is double-majoring in French and international studies.

Bruhl, a 22-year-old Mobilian, said she has always been fascinated with the French language and culture. She thinks bilingualism is increasingly important in a global economy. She is double-majoring in French and communication.

For the first time this year, a Caldwell Scholarship has been given to an incoming freshman student who is interested in language and international issues. Tania Morris-Diaz plans to double major in communication and drama.

She said international travel interests her because it tells a story of the country.

“International travel gives a different side of a story politically, culturally and historically. Each country has its own unique blend of peoples, customs, language and ideals while also holding many similarities shared throughout the world.”

The Caldwell scholarship is open to arts and sciences students with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 overall and 3.0 in foreign language, with at least one year of language training prior to the study abroad. Preference is given to juniors and seniors with little or no foreign experience. Students must use the award to participate in an established study abroad program and prepare a final report for the Caldwell Board upon their return.

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