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July 27 , 2006
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Engineering Faculty Present Papers at Defense and Security Symposium

Drs. Mohammad Alam and Aed El-Saba, faculty members in the department of electrical and computer engineering at the University, presented 12 technical papers at the 2006 SPIE Defense and Security Symposium in Orlando, Fla. Ten of the papers were co-authored by USA graduate students and postdoctoral research associates in the department.

SPIE is the International Society for Optical Engineering, and its Defense and Security Symposium is the largest, unclassified international symposium related to sensors and sensor networks. Its goal is to eliminate barriers for engineers and scientists who are developing and utilizing electro-optical, digital, and microwave technologies for sensor-related defense and security applications.

Alam, professor and chair of department of electrical and computer engineering, presented the following papers:

  • "Target Detection in Hyperspectral Imagery Using One-Dimensional Fringe-Adjusted Joint Transform Correlation (Invited paper)," co-authored by graduate student Shuhratcharan Ochilov.
  • "Model-Based Recognition Using 3D Invariants and Stereo Imaging," co-authored by graduate student Tayabur Rahman.
  • "Target Detection in FLIR Imagery Using Independent Component Analysis," co-authored by graduate student Zafar Sadeque.
  • "Improved Target Detection Algorithm Using Fukunaga-Koontz Transform and Distance Classifier Correlation Filter," co-authored by graduate student Melih Seref Aslan and postdoctoral research associate Abdullah Bal.
  • "Improved Clutter Rejection in Automatic Target Recognition and Tracking Using Eigen-Extended Maximum Average Correlation Height Filter and Polynomial Distance Classifier Correlation Filter," co-authored by graduate student Muhammad Islam
  • "Fukunaga-Koontz Transform Based Dimensionality Reduction for Hyperspectral Imagery," co-authored by Ochilov and Bal.
  • "Use of Shifted Phase-Encoded Joint Transform Correlation for Class-Associative Color Pattern Recognition," co-authored by postdoctoral research associate Nazrul Islam.
  • "Non-Conventional Joint Transform Correlation Using Grating Filters and Heterodyne Scanning Techniques for Pattern Recognition Applications," co-authored by Dr. Abdallah Cherri, professor of electrical engineering at Kuwait University.
  • "Optical Encryption of Personal Identification Information Using Orthogonal Code," co-authored by Nazrul Islam.

Alam also chaired the session on "Optical Correlator Hardware and New Architectures" at the conference.

El-Saba, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at USA, presented the following technical papers:

  • "Application of Passive Imaging Polarimetry in the Discrimination and Detection of Different Color Targets of Identical Shapes Using Color-Blind Imaging Sensor," co-authored by Alam and graduate student Anil Surapaneni.
  • "Enhanced Rotation and Scale-Invariant Target Detection Using the Fringe-Adjusted Joint Transform Correlation," co-authored by Alam and graduate student Wessam Sakla.
  • "Division-of-Amplitude Imaging Polarimeter for the Fast Measurement of Stokes Vector," co-authored by Alam.
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