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October 5, 2009
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Cardiorespiratory Educational Services Gives $100,000 to
USA College of Allied Health Professions


Bill Wojciechowski, left, with President Moulton

Bill Wojciechowski, left, with President Moulton

Cardiorespiratory Educational Services, a company founded and owned by several USA cardiorespiratory care faculty members, has made a $100,000 gift to the Cardiorespiratory Endowed Gifts account in the College of Allied Health. The gift will be used for scholarship support, lab equipment, or a part-time faculty member.

The company presented the gift to USA President Gordon Moulton during a recent ceremony in the lobby of the new Health Sciences Building.

Faculty and staff members involved in the company are cardiorespiratory care chair Bill Wojciechowski, professors Tim Op’t Holt and Dr. David Chang, instructors Fred Hill and Bill Pruitt, and secretary Deanna Winn.

Cardiorespiratory Educational Services develops, markets, and implements respiratory therapy curriculums. It also advances and modifies instructional strategies and classroom, laboratory, and clinical delivery methods to meet the needs of the higher education institutions it serves.

“We are pleased to present this gift to the department of cardiorespiratory care,” Wojciechowski said. “We are mindful that the University has been, and continues to be, instrumental in our individual and collective successes. Our expectation is that this gift will advance the quality of the Cardiorespiratory Care Program established by the current faculty, and enable scholarship and academic achievement of both future faculty and students of this department. We are also pleased that the presentation of this gift coincides with the dedication of the magnificent Health Sciences Building. This structure provides the environment wherein we envision the expectation of this gift being fulfilled."

USA College of Allied Health Professions Dean Dr. Richard Talbott said, “The gift from Cardiorespiratory Educational Services is an example of the outstanding support of our faculty for the university, the college, and the students in the cardiorespiratory department. Their generosity will provide support for students in this vital health care field for years to come and is especially propitious in these difficult economic times. On behalf of the students who will receive support from this outstanding gift, a heartfelt thanks to the faculty who contributed to this fund.”

USA Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations Dr. Joseph F. Busta Jr. said, “This large gift from these faculty members shows their commitment to the University and our programs. It demonstrates their desire to give back to the University and its students. Through their generosity, students in the College of Allied Health will have even better opportunities, and that in turn will help improve the health care of our region.”


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