University of South Alabama, Office of Public Relations
January 5, 2010
Contact: Jennifer Z. Ekman, Office of Public Relations, (251) 460-6360

USA Students Offer Consulting Advice to Women's Business Center
Lindsey Bembry, Saroj Bhaila, Abdul Aziz, Kathryn Cariglino, Romona Wooldridge, and Dr. Jeanne Maes
From left, Lindsey Bembry, a junior finance major from Mobile; Saroj Bhaila, a junior management major from Nepal; Abdul Aziz, a junior accounting major from India; Cariglino; Romona Wooldridge, a project specialist at the USA Mitchell Cancer Institute and a member of the Advisory Council for the WBC; and Maes.

University of South Alabama Mitchell College of Business management students studied and offered advice to the Women’s Business Center, a local women’s business advocacy group, as part of a fall management course. Dr. Jeanne Maes, professor of management, led her students to analyze the brand awareness and fund-raising efforts of the group and offer suggestions to Women’s Business Center Executive Director and Founder Kathryn Cariglino during their final presentations. The students suggested resources for the Women’s Business Center and made contacts for Cariglino. Both Maes and Cariglino were pleased with the students’ efforts.


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