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August 13, 2012
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Donor Gives New Steinway Piano to
USA Department of Music

From left, Dr. M. Allam Baaheth, Merion Baaheth and USA Departmetn of Music Chair Dr. Greg Gruner.

From left, Dr. M. Allam Baaheth, Merion Baaheth and USA Department of Music Chair Dr. Greg Gruner.

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Dr. M. Allam Baaheth recently donated $100,000 to the University of South Alabama Department of Music in order to purchase a new Steinway Model D, 9-foot Grand piano for use in its Laidlaw Performing Arts Center Recital Hall. This concert-quality piano will be utilized for recitals and concerts in conjunction with the existing Steinway D currently in use. 

“This is a wonderful addition to our performance piano inventory,” said Music Department Chair Dr. Greg Gruner. “The Recital Hall is in constant demand for performances and this additional instrument will increase the performance life of both our instruments. Dr. Baaheth has made a significant donation making this purchase a reality. The department of music is extremely grateful and appreciative of his generosity.”

Baaheth is the principal scientist with Baheth Research & Development Laboratories, Ltd., in the University of South Alabama Technology and Research Park.  Baaheth, a theoretical chemist, has substantial expertise in analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, environmental remediation, engineering, custom fabrication, construction and architectural services to government and industry.

He has developed and operated two advanced environmental and chemical testing laboratories. In addition, he maintains a research and development division to accommodate concerns regarding drinking water systems, sanitary sewer overflows and wastewater treatment methods.

During his career, Baaheth managed more than 357 Federal projects and controlled the day-to-day administration of environmental and civil engineering-oriented projects. He has performed extensive research in developing cost-effective methods to extract sulfur and other impurities from petroleum fuel stocks and petroleum crudes. As a research technician, his work  led to several process chemistry patents while employed in the exploratory research division of Exxon Research & Development Labs.

Baaheth’s present research is primarily focused in “Green Chemistry for Environmental Sustainability,” more in the area of Carbon Capture & Sequestration (CCS) and other greenhouse gasses analogous to this arena.

Baaheth has completed numerous projects for the U.S. Department of Energy Strategic Petroleum Reserve Sites, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, for the Savannah, Vicksburg, New York, Mobile, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Cincinnati and Fort Worth districts. He managed environmental projects for the Department of Defense at sites that included Marine and Air Force bases and the Redstone Arsenal.

Also, Baaheth is an accomplished classical musician who has performed several concerts at the Laidlaw Performing Arts Center.


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