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April 19, 2013
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Faculty Senate 50 Outstanding Faculty Members

In honor of the University’s 50th Anniversary, a Faculty Senate committee named 50 Outstanding Faculty Members, including current and former faculty, to represent the broad spectrum of the University’s educators over the years. Nominations came from alumni, students, faculty members and friends of the University. Selection criteria included number of nominations; strength of each nomination; diversity of nomination sources, such as students, alumni, faculty, and administration; and faculty accomplishments in the areas of teaching, research, and/or service.

“Looking back over the many changes that occurred during the 50-year history of USA, one constant is the outstanding faculty,” said Dr. Phil Carr, president of the 2012-2013 Faculty Senate.  “In order to honor all of these individuals, past and present, the Faculty Senate solicited nominations for faculty members considered outstanding by members of the USA family. Those nominated were judged based on a committee process that identified 50 outstanding individual faculty members, and one criterion was to span the history and diversity of the University. While these are not the only outstanding faculty in the history of USA, these individuals are exemplary. The Faculty Senate is pleased to recognize our 50 Outstanding Faculty Members.”

The Faculty Senate 50 Outstanding Faculty Members, selected from both current and past faculty, are:

  • Dr. Robert V. Barrow, professor of political science and criminal justice.
  • Dr. John B. Bass Jr., professor of internal medicine.
  • Dr. Brenda L. Beverly, associate professor of speech pathology and audiology.
  • Dr. Anne A. Boettcher, professor of biological sciences.
  • Joann Broadus, assistant professor of maternal/child health nursing.
  • Dr. Barbara A. Broome, professor of community/mental health nursing.
  • Dr. Jerry A. Bush, professor of music.
  • Nadia K. Bush, instructor of communication.
  • Dr. Nicole T. Carr, associate professor of sociology and anthropology.
  • Angela M. Clark, senior instructor of computing.
  • Dr. Joseph Coggin, professor of microbiology and immunology.
  • Dr. James J. Connors Jr., assistant professor of earth sciences.
  • Dr. Pat C. Covey, professor of biomedical sciences and clinical laboratory sciences.
  • Dr. Roy J. Daigle, professor of computing.
  • Patricia M. Davis, senior instructor of chemistry.
  • Dr. Francis M. Donovan, professor of mechanical engineering.
  • Dr. Dennis W. Fell, professor of physical therapy and biomedical sciences.
  • Alice J. Godfrey, assistant professor of community/mental health nursing.
  • Dr. Ann M. Guzy, associate professor of English.
  • Dr. Michael Hanna, professor of communication.
  • Dr. Ellwood B. Hannum, professor of history.
  • Dr. Joaquin Holloway Jr., senior librarian.
  • Dr. Larry Holmes, professor of history.
  • Dr. Mir Z. Husain, associate professor of political science and criminal justice.
  • James Kennedy, professor of art and art history.
  • Dr. Elise E. Labbe-Coldsmith, professor of psychology.
  • Dr. George Lamb, professor of geology.
  • Dr. John Lane, professor of behavioral studies and education technology.
  • Dr. Susan P. Ledoux, professor of cell biology and neuroscience.
  • Dr. Brenda C. Litchfield, professor of professional studies.
  • Dr. Heide Lomangino, assistant professor of foreign languages.
  • Dr. Leonard A. Macaluso, associate professor of history.
  • Dr. Elizabeth Martin, professor of education.
  • Dr. Satya N. Mishra, professor of mathematics and statistics.
  • Dr. Carl C. Moore, professor of management.
  • Dr. Donald Mosley Sr., professor of business management.
  • Catherine A. O’Keefe, senior instructor of health, physical education and leisure services.
  • Dr. John H. Pardue, professor of computing.
  • Dr. Sean P. Powers, professor of marine sciences.
  • Dr. Glenn R. Sebastian, associate professor of earth sciences.
  • Dr. Edward L. Shaw Jr., professor of leadership and teacher education.
  • Dr. Robert L. Shipp, professor of marine sciences.
  • Dr. George Sun, associate professor of philosophy.
  • Dr. Robert B. Sweeney Jr., associate professor of computing.
  • Dr. Hanes M. Swingle, associate professor of pediatrics.
  • Dr. A. Jeannette Sylvestre, professor of accounting.
  • Dr. Julio F. Turrens, professor of biomedical sciences.
  • Dr.  Sankoorikal L.Varghese, professor of physics.
  • Dr. Bret M. Webb, assistant professor of civil engineering.
  • Dr. Hollis Wiseman, professor of pediatrics.

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