University of South Alabama, Office of Public Relations
May 20, 2013
Contact: : Katlyn Conklin, USA Public Relations, (251) 460-6637

USA Medical Center Sponsors a Nurses Day Breakfast


University of South Alabama Medical Center is sponsoring its annual Nurses Day Breakfast on May 21 and May 23 from 6 to 10 am. The breakfast will be held in the Medical Center’s 10th floor dining room. The purpose of the breakfast is to acknowledge and honor all nurses for their dedication and hard work. It is an opportunity for the hospital to appreciate their nurses for the quality care that they give their patients. This breakfast is free and open to all nurses working at the USA Medical Center.

Carolyn Williams is a nurse manager at the USA Medical Center and helps orchestrate the breakfast for the nurses.

The nurses’ breakfast will have a fun and relaxed atmosphere with door prizes and games during the event to entertain the nurses. Also, the timing of the breakfast allows flexibility in nurses’ schedules so that they can stop by, have breakfast and enjoy games and other activities.

“We have an awesome, highly clinically skilled nursing staff who take great pride in the care that they provide,” Williams said.


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