Over the years, the USA Science in Motion chemistry program has developed more than two hundred lab activities for use in the high school chemistry classroom. Obviously, there aren’t enough days in the school year to use all of them; most teachers have picked a core group of labs that they use year in and year out. Some of the more commonly used activities include:
Fractional Distillation
Reactions of Aqueous Ionic Solutions
Gas Laws Using the CBL 2®
Acid-Base Titration
The 39-Drop pH Scale
Percent Acetic Acid in Vinegar (Microscale)
The Observation Lab
Identification of Solutions
Determination of Melting Points
Introduction to Radiation
Introduction to the Spec-20D®
Determination of the Wavelength of Maximum Absorbance
Synthesis of Aspirin
Synthesis of Esters
Demonstrations (especially liquid nitrogen demos)
  Some labs involve bottles of solutions, burets, and other simple equipment; others are a little more involved. Science in Motion can furnish most – if not all – the equipment a teacher needs to do the labs. Some of the high-end, high-tech equipment available from Science in Motion includes:
Williamson® microscale organic chemistry kits
Vernier® LabPro units connected to Texas Instruments® TI-83+ calculators
Temperature, gas pressure, pH, conductivity, and radiation sensors for LabPro units
Barnstead Thermolyne® Mel-Temp® I and Mel-Temp II units
Buck Scientific® gas chromatographs [2], HPLC units [2], scanning UV/visible spectro-photometers [2], and IR spectrometer [1]
Toshiba® laptop computers with printers for downloading and printing data and graphs
Spectrum Techniques® nuclear scalars with sealed alpha, beta, and gamma sources
Spec-20D® visible-light spectrophotometers
  Teachers new to the program are trained in how to use the equipment and incorporate those lab activities into their curricula; every so often, veteran teachers receive refresher training on using the more advanced equipment.
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