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Grant Funding

  Funding Alert Services

Getting funding information can be simple and convenient. Even if you are not actively looking for funding, automatically getting funding announcements in your discipline is a good way to keep up with cutting edge research directions.

  • ED Info
    U.S. Department of Education ED Info provides 1-2 email messages a week on new learning resources, ED reports, and ED grant opportunities.
  • EPA Federal Register listservs
    Listservs subscriptions to Environmental Protection Agency items published in the Federal Register
  • Grants.gov FIND
    All Federal agencies are required to post fundiing opportunities to Grants.gov FIND.
  • NSF Update
    Include all types of National Science Foundation information and publications, including funding opportunities.
  • NASA Office of Space Science
    Click on subscribe to SARA
  • Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium
    To receive email funding notices, send an email to Loretta Leist, MASGC Programs Officer, requesting that your name be added to the Sponsored Programs list.

Searchable Databases

  • GrantsNet
    GrantsNet is a funding opportunities database for graduate student, postdocs, and junior faculty member training in the biological and medical sciences.

Agency Deadlines

Agency Websites

Funding Publications

  • Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
    Some useful information but not always current
  • ED Grants and Contract Information
    U.S. Department of Education announcement of funding opportunities
  • FedBizOpps
    Formerly known as the Commerce Business Daily, the FedBizOpps provides notices of federal procurement bidding opportunities.
  • Federal Register
    A daily publication of federal research and development grant and contract opportunities.
    The HRSA publication announcing discretionary competitive grants
  • NIH Guide
    A weekly publication of NIH biomedical and behavioral research and research training opportunities
  • NSF Bulletin
    A monthly publication of NSF science research opportunities