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Grants.gov is the primary website to obtain and to submit Federal grant applications. Grants.gov includes 26 Federal grantmaking agencies with over 1,000 grant programs representing over $500 billion in annual awards.


The University is already registered on Grants.gov.
Please note that the University is the Applicant and not the Principal Investigator.


The Grants.gov submission process can take longer to learn than you may expect.
Also, it takes longer for your Grants.gov proposal to process through your Department, College and OSP.

Grants.gov / NIH / NSF Guides

Grants.gov User Guide

NSF Grants.gov Application Guide

Obtaining the Grants.gov Application Package / Instructions

Read the Grants.gov application submission FAQs on their Web site particularly noting not to use special characters or cutting and pasting from word processors that may have proprietary fonts and/or special characters.

Check your version of Adobe to be sure it is compatible with Grants.gov, otherwise your proposal may not process or may not process correctly. Check Adobe versions here.

Best advice on getting the correct application - obtain the Grants.gov Application Package by finding the Grants.gov link usually contained in the funding announcement or Request for Proposals (RFP).For example, NIH R01, go to the Parent Announcement via the NIH website, and once you open the R01 Parent Announcement scroll down to the “Apply for Grant Electronically” button.

Completing the Grants.gov Application Package

The Grants.gov application consists of internal forms you complete and documents you will attach. Please review the agency guidelines for format instructions. Most agencies require pdf format for document attachments. Please check the application guidelines for the required file format.

Careful! Do Not Save Multiple Versions of the Grants.gov file
Be very careful when saving the file and/or when others work on the file to be sure you save only one copy and not multiple versions in different places on your computer.  You may want to designate one folder to contain all your application files.

All forms in the Mandatory Documents section must be moved and completed to the right side.

In the Optional Documents section (NIH only) select either the PHS 398 Modular Budget or the Research & Related Budget as appropriate for your budget. Please note that the University will now accept the Modular Budget format for proposal processing and signatures. On the Transmittal Form, please provide only the Total Direct Costs, F&A Costs (see note below), and Total Project Costs.

TIP - Use the ? button in the Grants.gov application menu bar to get information on any field. Click on the ? button and move mouse over any field.

TIP - Complete the SF 424 (R&R) first as it pre-populates many of the other forms.

TIP - All fields in yellow the Grants.gov application must be completed before the Save and Submit button becomes activated.

Grants.gov Proposal Processing Timeline

Until Grants.gov and, for NIH proposals, the NIH eRA Commons become more robust and the bugs worked out, PIs are requested to get their submit-ready Grants.gov applications through their Department and College and to the Sponsored Projects Administration a minimum of five workdays before the deadline. All NIH applications should be submitted to Grants.gov a few days before the deadline. This allows the PI time to correct any possible errors or warnings within NIH eRA Commons and to avoid a late submission issue.