Frequently Asked Questions

▼   What all can I recycle at the Recycling Shed?

You can recycle paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, tin (steel) cans, glass bottles, batteries, printer cartridges, and most plastics (#1-#7). 

▼   Do I need to separate my recycling to use the shed?

There are separate bins for each material, so you can separate them beforehand or sort them on site by simply putting each item in the correct bin. 

▼   Do I have to take my own materials to the Recycling Shed? 

No, we are working to expand our building-based recycling efforts significantly.

We have had plastic bottle recycling in most campus building for a few years, but those blue bins now also accept aluminum cans. Many buildings also have paper and cardboard recycling capabilities  In the near future, we hope to standardize those procedures across all buildings and add  capacities for in-building recycling drop-off of the full range of materials handled at the Recycling Shed. Look for updates  from us as these programs go on-line. 

▼   Where do our recyclables go?

Recyclables deposited in all bins on campus are regularly picked up by custodial staff and transported to the Recycling Shed. At the shed, they join the materials already deposited there. They are picked up by Goodwill/Easter Seals  and transported to the Hitt Rd. Recycling Center for weighing and dispatch to the appropriate recyclers. 

▼   Does this program produce any revenue for the University? 

Goodwill /Easterseals sells the materials to recycling companies at market prices and uses that revenue to fund their operations in Mobile. In exchange for their picking up and transporting the materials off-campus, the University allows them to retain whatever they are able to make by selling the materials.