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USA Student Center
  Posting Policy
  Solicitation Policy
  • University of South Alabama student organizations, departments or other affiliates of the university are permitted to engage in solicitation activities such as fundraisers, information distribution and organizational promotion on campus. Such events require advanced registration with the designated facility representative. Use of space for the selling of goods and/or services that is in close proximity to and in direct competition with exclusive university vendors such as the University Bookstore, Dining Services or any other entity that have an exclusive contract with USA is prohibited.
  • Each event must follow the rules and regulations of the University and the laws of the State of Alabama or other governing body. Solicitation privileges may be revoked for violation of rules and/or regulations, or for conduct which may be characterized as offensive or harassing.
  • Solicitation in the Student Center- The USA Student Center requires any organization requesting space to contact South Paw Services (460-6077) to make a reservation. Designated spaces are limited and restricted to the use of that space only. All organizations using designated solicitation space must adhere to all reservation policies of the student center.
  • Door to door solicitation is not allowed.
  • Non-University groups, individuals or businesses are not permitted to solicit or distribute information in University buildings or on the grounds except at designated places during designated times such as Jag Blast and Jag Fest. Please contact the Office of New Student Orientation at 460-7093 for more information about designated times.
  • Any business, company or service attempting to recruit for student employment must obtain approval from USA Career Services (460-6188) to reserve vendor space.
  • Door to door solicitation is not allowed.
  (Please refer to the The Lowdown, available online at http://www.southalabama.edu/lowdown/ for the entire policy.)  
  • USA reserves the right to require that speakers, scheduled and unscheduled, sponsored and unsponsored, use the areas around the Student Center in order to avoid disruption of the normal function of the University and to assure the flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Demonstrations, speeches, and debates will be held around the Student Center unless the Vice President for Student Affairs is able to coordinate another appropriate campus location no less than three working days prior to the event. Authorization for any speech or demonstration beyond the Student Center will require identification of the individual or organization involved and agreement to abide by these regulations, which will not be unreasonably withheld.
  • No musical instrument or sound amplification equipment of any kind,including stereo turntables, stationary or mobile public address systems are allowed on concourse, streets, or in areas adjacent to academic buildings or around the Student Center unless otherwise allowed by the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Dean in charge of the academic building, or a person designated by the Vice President for Student Affairs.
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