Name: Tiffany Cochran                                          Date: November 19, 2003

School: John Will Elementary                               Grade Level: Fifth Grade

Teaching Strategy: Group                                      Time Required: 25-30 minutes


Read Aloud


I.               Concepts:

a.    Figurative language


II.              Behavioral Objectives: Upon completing this activity, the students will be able to:

a.    Analyze figurative language by reading Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia

b.    Differentiate between the figurative language meaning and the real meaning

c.     Draw pictures representing figurative language


III.            Alabama Course of Study: (33) Apply figurative language found in literature to enhance written and oral expression.

IV.            Materials:

                                                     i.     Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia, by: Peggy Parish and illustrated by: Lynn Sweat

                                                      ii.     Art paper

                                                        iii.     Crayons


V.             Teaching Procedures:

a.    Motivation:

                                                     i.     I will ask the students if they know what figurative language is.

                                                      ii.     Give students an example of figurative language and ask them to tell you the two meanings. Example: “hit the nail on the head.”


b.    Instructional Procedures:

                                                     i.     Tell the students that you are going to do a read aloud by reading Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish. Ask the students if any of them has ever read this book.

                                                      ii.     Tell the students to listen very carefully to see if they hear any figurative language being used in the story.

                                                        iii.     Start reading Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia to the class. While reading the story stop on the pages that contain figurative language. Ask the students what the phrase really means other than how Amelia Bedelia is taking it.

                                                       iv.     After reading the story, pass out to the students art paper.

                                                      v.     Tell students that they are to fold their paper in half like a hamburger.

                                                       vi.     Then tell the students that on one side of the paper they are to draw a picture representing one meaning of a word or phrase and on the other side of the paper draw a picture representing the word or phrase in another way. For each of these drawings write a sentence above them that uses the words in two different ways and describes the pictures. For example when Amelia Bedelia is “calling the roll” she is actually calling a roll that you eat. The student would draw a picture showing someone calling a roll that you eat, and the other drawing could be a teacher calling the class roll in front of her students.

c.     Closure:

                                                     i.     Ask a student to give you an example of figurative language.

                                                      ii.     Repeat to students the definition of figurative language

VI.            Evaluation:

a.    Teacher observation


VII.          Professional Reflection:

a.    I really enjoyed teaching this lesson today. The students were very attentive during the whole lesson. They were willing to answer questions and participate. I do think that I could have given them an example of figurative language at the beginning of the lesson. I did include it on my lesson plan but did not say it to the students. I think that saying the example to the students would have helped them with their drawings at the end. After talking with Dr. Kent, I saw things that I could have changed and did differently. I would have given the students my answers instead of asking them. I would have given them my  understanding of the story and why Amelia Bedelia did the things that she did.