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Board of Trustees


The entire management and control over the University of South Alabama (hereinafter referred to as the “University”) shall be vested in the Board of Trustees of the University of South Alabama (hereinafter referred to as the “Board”); however, upon general or specific authorization or delegation made or provided for in these Bylaws, the Board may exercise such management and control through the officers, officials, committees and agents as it may deem fit and appropriate, all in accordance with state law. The Board acts as a body politic and no individual member of the Board shall have the authority to act for the Board or for the University.
Section 1.   Composition of Board. The Board consists of two ex officio members, the Governor and the State Superintendent of Education, by virtue of the offices that they hold; three members from Mobile County; three members from the State at large; and one member from each of the following State senatorial districts as defined at the time of legislative enactment in 1963: 21st District, comprised of Baldwin and Escambia Counties; 19th District, comprised of Choctaw, Clark and Washington Counties; 20th District, comprised of Marengo and Sumter Counties; 16th District, comprised of Monroe and Wilcox Counties; 30th District, comprised of Dallas and Lowndes Counties; 17th District, comprised of Butler, Conecuh and Covington Counties; 25th District, comprised of Coffee and Crenshaw Counties; 23rd District, comprised of Dale and Geneva Counties; and the 35th District, comprised of Henry and Houston Counties.
Section 2.   Election and Term of Office. Ex officio Trustees serve their terms of office in correspondence with their respective offices held in the State of Alabama. In accordance with the statute creating the University of South Alabama, the Trustees are appointed by the Governor, by and with the advice and consent of the State Senate, and hold office for a term of twelve years, or until their successors shall be appointed and qualified. There are three classes of board members, so that one-third of the members of the Board is appointed every four years. Vacancies occurring in the office of Trustee, from death or resignation, and the vacancies regularly occurring by expiration of the term shall be filled by the Governor, and the appointee holds office until the next meeting of the Legislature. Successors to those Trustees whose terms expire during an interim shall hold office for a full term, unless they are rejected by the Senate. Neither the existence nor continuation of a vacancy in the office of the Trustee shall serve to impair or hinder any provisions of these Bylaws or the validity of the operation and actions by the Board by virtue of that vacancy alone.
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