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Article I: The Establishment

Section 1. The organization shall be recognized as the Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) of University of South Alabama.
Section 2. The times, places and manners of meetings shall be decided by the Board of Officers.

Article II: The Purpose

The Vietnamese Student Association establish this Constitution to introduce the Vietnamese culture through the following aspects:
(1) To build relations with campus culture organizations and other student groups at the University.
(2) To welcome incoming Vietnamese students and other minority students and assist in their transition to the University life.
(3) To provide opportunities for students to interact with each other and share their cultural experiences with the University and the community.
(4) To establish communication with Vietnamese organizations at other institutions.

Article III: Membership

Section 1. The Vietnamese Student Association shall be composed of members who show an interest in the Vietnamese culture.
Section 2. Membership shall be open to all students, staff, or faculty in the University or community.
(1) Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 (GPA below 2.5 will be put on probation and cannot participate in events.
(2). Non-Student must abide by normal school standards where applicable.
Section 3. Members must attend at least 3/4 of the meetings and actively participate in at least 2 events.

Article IV : The Board of Officers

Section 1. The Board of Officers shall consist of President, Co-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and CISO representative.
Section 2. All officers serve for a term of one academic year. Each officer may run for re-election.
Section 3. Office vacancy may be filled by a temporarily designated member of the Vietnamese Student Association, nominated by members. This temporarily designated appointee would serve in the vacant office
until an election can be held for that particular office.
Section 4. Each officer shall attend all meetings. If an officer is unable to attend a scheduled meeting, he or she must notify the other officers immediately. Each officer may not miss more than two, consecutive meetings without an excuse deemed reasonable by two-thirds vote of the other officers.
Section 5. Each officer shall perform duties as specified in Sections 6 through 14, and other such duties as pertain to the office.
Section 6. The President and Co-President shall have the power:
(1) To serve as chief executive officer and supervise all VSA functions.
(2) To schedule meetings and preside at these meetings.
(3) To break tie votes.
(4) To appoint ad hoc committees at his or her discretion.
(5) To maintain relations with Vietnamese organizations at other institutions.
(6) To recommend considerations of VSA activities as well as participation in campus-wide activities.
(7) To review budget with the Treasurer and other officers if necessary.
(8) To appoint a new member to the Board of Officers in case of the removal of either the Secretary, Treasurer.
(9) To attend CISO meetings and represent VSA interests.
(10) To report to VSA members of CISO activities.
(11) To organize social activities during each semester.
(12) To plan extra-curricular activities.
(13) To supervise activities to welcome new VSA members.
Section 7. The Secretary shall have the power:
(1) To record the minutes of every meeting.
(2) To keep a record of attendance at each meeting.
(3) To contact and notify VSA members of all meetings and activities.
(4) To maintain and make available a directory that lists all VSA members.
Section 8. The Treasurer shall have the power:
(1) To maintain financial records of VSA transactions.
(2) To notify the President and Co-President of the VSA financial status upon request.
(3) To collect dues and fees.
(4) To prepare the budget proposal to be submitted at the time deemed necessary by regulations.
(5) To manage the VSA account at the Students Activities of Account and inform the President of any transaction.
Section 9. The CISO Representative shall have the power:
(1) To attend mandatory CISO meetings.
(2) To inform VSA members of activities and events that pertain to cultural awareness.
(3) To makes connections with the Vietnamese Students Association and CISO.
Section 10. No person except a VSA member may be eligible to the Board of Officers.
Section 11. An officer shall be removed from the Board of Officers by a three-fourths vote of the active membership. The active membership shall be composed of members described in Article III, Section 4.

Article V: Elections

Section 1. The Board of Officers shall be elected at the next to the last meeting of the spring semester to a term of one year, and shall serve until their successors have been duly elected.
Section 2. Nominations for each office shall be announced at the meeting preceding to next to the last meeting. Nominations may remain open until the day of elections.
Section 3. Each officer shall be nominated and elected in the order that they are listed in Article IV, Sections 5-11.
Section 4. A majority of the voting members must be present in order to hold an election. The President shall have the power to arrange another meeting, if necessary, where there shall be a majority of voting members to hold elections.
Section 5. Elections shall be done by secret ballot or by show of hands.
Section 6. A candidate for an office must receive a majority vote in order to be elected. In the event that no candidate receives a majority vote on the first ballot, the candidate having the least number of votes shall be dropped and a second ballot shall be taken. The procedure shall be repeated if necessary until a candidate receives a majority vote.

Article VI: Amendments

Any amendments to the Constitution shall be adopted by a majority vote. A written notice of the proposed amendment shall have been given at least two weeks prior to a meeting. There shall be no voting by proxy. All such amendments shall become effective immediately, pending approval by the Student Association.

Article VII: Ratification

The Constitution of the Vietnamese Student Association has been ratified by a majority vote of the VSA members on August, 2005.



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