Fungal collections

Specimen collection for the mycology herbarium at USAM started in 2005.  All specimens collected are databased and can be accessioned here. As much as possible, an image is provided for each collection. Most collections are Basidiomycetes (mushrooms, stinkhorns, boletes, polypores, and others) but some of the conspicuous members of the Ascomycetes (cup fungi and allies) have been collected.




All specimens collected are housed at USAM) herbarium. An electronic record for each specimen has been generated. As much as possible, each record contains detailed information on taxonomic identity, location, and a digital image.

This is an example of how the database it should look.

                        In the near future, all records will be made available.



Digital images of specimens collected appear here. Also, images of assorted fungi, and fungi related stuff, will be available in the near future.

Mushroom rock, Little River Canyon, Fort Payne, Alabama.


Please feel free to email me Juan Luis Mata.

Last updated June 28, 2006

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