University Bulletin 2020-2021

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Course Title Course Prefix
Accounting ACC
Adult Health Nursing AHN
Aerospace Engineering AE
African-American Studies AFR
Air Force Studies AS
Allied Health Professions AHP
Anthropology AN
Applied Music A MUA
Applied Music B MUB
Argument ARG
Art Education AED
Art History ARH
Art Studio ARS
Audiology AUD
Biochemistry - MD BCH
Biology BLY
Biomedical Sciences BMD
Business BUS
Career Planning CP
Cell Biology and Neuroscience CBN
Chemical Engineering CHE
Chemistry CH
Civil Engineering CE
Classics CLA
Clinical/Counseling Psychology CCP
Co-op COE
College of Arts and Sciences CAS
Commun Mental Health Nursing CMN
Communication CA
Communication Sciences-Disordr CSD
Computer Science CSC
Computer and Inform Sciences CIS
Counselor Education CED
Criminal Justice CJ
Cross Registration-SHC CROS
Drama DRA
Earth Sciences ES
Economics ECO
Education-K-6 and 6-12 Teacher EDU
Educational Foundations EDF
Educational Leadership EDL
Educational Media EDM
Educational Psychology EPY
Electrical Engineering EE
Elementary-Early Childhood EEC
Emergency Medical Services EMS
Emergency Medical Training EMT
Engineering EG
English EH
English Language Teaching ELT
Environmental Toxicology EXT
Finance FIN
Foreign Language Lesser Taught LGS
Foreign Languages and Lit LG
Gender Studies GS
Geographic Info Technology GIT
Geography GEO
Geology GY
Gerontology GRN
Grad Interdisciplinary Studies GIS
Health Informatics HI
Health Sciences HSC
Health and Safety HS
Higher Education HED
History HY
Honors Interdiscipln Studies HON
Hospitality/Tourism Management HTM
Information Systems ISC
Information Technology ITE
Instructional Systems Design ISD
Interdepartmental Education IDE
Interdepartmental Studies IDL
Interdisciplinary Programs IDS
Interdisciplinary Studies IST
International Studies IS
Jewish and Holocaust Studies JHS
Kinesiology KIN
Leadership and Teacher Educ LTE
Leisure Studies LS
Linguistics LNG
Management MGT
Marine Sciences MAS
Marketing MKT
Master of Bus Administration MBA
Maternal Child Nursing MCN
Mathematics MA
Mathematics for College MTH
Mechanical Engineering ME
Meteorology MET
Microbiology/Immunology -MD MIC
Military Science MS
Museum Studies MUM
Music Education MUE
Music Literature MUL
Music Organization MUO
Music Studio MUS
Music Theory MUT
Native American Studies NAS
Natural Science Education NSE
Nursing NU
Occupational Therapy OT
PE-Activity Courses PE
Passage USA PSG
Pharmacology PHA
Philosophy PHL
Physical Therapy PT
Physician Assistant Studies PA
Physics PH
Physiology PHS
Political Science PSC
Psychology PSY
Radiologic Sciences RAD
Reading Instruction RED
Rehab Sci Occupational Therapy RSO
Rehab Sci Speech Therapy RST
Religion REL
Secondary Education SED
Social Work SW
Sociology SY
Special Education SPE
Speech Language Pathology SLP
Speech and Hearing Sci SHS
Sports Management SM
Statistics ST
Systems Engineering SE
Undergraduate Research UGR