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Grad Interdisciplinary Studies

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  • GIS 501
    Responsible Conduct of Researc
    1 cr

    This course is designed to expose future professionals to a variety of topics concerning Responsible Conduct in Research including issues concerning Research Integrity as well as standards and policies affecting research and life in Academia. The weekly sessions include lectures, open discussions, and analyses of case studies.

  • GIS 502
    Technology Commercialization
    0 TO 3 cr

    This course will teach the National Science Foundation I-Corps curriculum of Lean Launch and Business Model canvas. It delivers best practices for innovative, team-based entrepreneurship in a semester-long format that provides real-world, hands-on learning experiences in how to successfully transfer knowledge into products and processes that benefit society. Significant time will be devoted outside the classroom to testing hypotheses on each part of the team s business hypothesis and potential customers and partners. Typically, graduates of this curriculum increase their chance of winning a grant from 17% to 60%, a greater than three-fold increase in the odds of success.

  • GIS 511
    Intro Span for Health Profs
    3 cr

    GIS 511 trains healthcare professionals to effectively serve Spanish-speaking patients. Learners will acquire a sustained novice mid/novice high level of proficiency in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing Spanish for the medical field.

  • GIS 512
    Inter Span for Health Profs
    3 cr

    GIS 512 equips students of medical fields with Spanish skills to interact with Spanish-speaking patients. Students will improve their Spanish language skills through a range of assignments related to healthcare and Spanish-speaking populations.

    Pre-requisite: GIS 511 Minimum Grade of C.
  • GIS 513
    Adv Span for Health Profs
    3 cr

    GIS 513 will develop learners' Spanish language skills and cultural competency through readings and discussions on topics related to healthcare delivery for Hispanic populations. Students will also acquire an advanced medical terminology in Spanish.

    Pre-requisite: GIS 512 Minimum Grade of C.
  • GIS 514
    Pract Span for Health Profs
    3 cr

    This practicum is the capstone for the Certificate in Spanish for Healthcare Professionals. Students will complete 45 hour clinical practicum at a USA-approved healthcare facility within the US or abroad.

    Pre-requisite: GIS 513 Minimum Grade of C. GIS 513 can be taken concurrently with this course.