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Interdisciplinary Studies

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  • IST 100
    Freshman Seminar
    2 cr

    A course for first-time students that assists with maximizing the student s potential to achieve academic success and to adjust responsibly to the individual and interpersonal challenges presented by college life. The course provides an introduction to the nature of higher education and a general orientation to the functions and resources of the University. Extensive reading and writing assignments relevant to the student s first year experience are required.

  • IST 101
    Foundations of Inter Studies
    3 cr

    This course will assist students with clarifying educational goals, understanding effective learning methods, and becoming acquainted with university resources, diversity, and culture. It introduces students to basic theories and principles of education and development, with emphasis on liberal education. The focus is to develop written and oral skills to enhance students' critical thinking and problem solving abilities. Assists students in defining competencies needed for success in academic study, professional leadership, and career opportunities. Students will develop a working knowledge of Sakai, Skype and WebEx.

  • IST 125
    Professional Conduct
    3 cr

    Introduces students to primary sources in ethical theory and includes readings and discussions of theories of human nature. Provides a basis for understanding one's rationale for personal moral decisions and offers a foundation for an approach to the ethics of business.

  • IST 200
    Clinical Observation
    1 cr

    Clinical Observations (Medicine, Dentistry, Optometry, and Veterinary Medicine). This course gives the student clinical exposure to various health-care services. It is designed to help students make informed decisions when selecting a career in the health professions. A written report on the clinical experience or a scenario dealing with medical ethics is required. May be repeated for a maximum of six hours credit. Prereq: Permission of Chair of Preprofessional Advisory Committee.

  • IST 201
    Seasons of Life
    3 cr

    An interdisciplinary media-assisted course in which students study human development from the biosocial, cognitive, and psychosocial perspectives with special emphasis on the adult years. Through readings, audio, written exercises, and class discussions, students explore the theories and research findings of life span development which enable them to reflect on their own lives as well as the lives of others.

  • IST 210
    Introduction to Disability
    3 cr

    This course will provide students from any discipline the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills needed to effectively work with people with disabilities in a variety of settings. Disability is examined as a type of diversity. Topics include: the history and sociological context of disability; the impact of disability on the individual and family; advocacy and civil rights; current trends in services and supports for children and adults with disabilities; and respectful language and interaction. Students will actively engage in readings, discussions, and writing on disability issues.

    Pre-requisite: EH 102 Minimum Grade of C or EH 105 Minimum Grade of C.
  • IST 250
    Career Planning and Develop
    3 cr

    Principles, methods, and practice in career planning and development with an emphasis on career information, self-analysis, exploration of careers, career opportunities, and guidelines for goal achievement.

  • IST 290
    Special Topics -
    1 TO 3 cr

    A variable topics course treating special themes. May be repeated for credit when course content varies.

  • IST 300
    Global Orientn-Ed Abroad
    1 cr

    Study Abroad applicants will prepare for their study abroad experience through an examination of selected country-specific reading as well as cross-cultural orientation materials. Travel safety, University of South Alabama policies and procedures for study abroad, and advice for cultural adjustment will be covered during the course. IST 300 satisfies the requirements of LG 394.

  • IST 302
    Interdis and Critical Thinking
    3 cr

    Provides students an introduction to the field of interdisciplinary studies and an opportunity to critically reflect on the experience of self, education, and career and the relationship among these three phenomena.

  • IST 305
    Issues in Human Services
    3 cr

    An interdisciplinary course for students who plan to work in the helping professions (counseling, social work, nursing etc.). Guest speakers from various disciplines present information about their fields. Discussion topics include: similarities and differences in the helping professions, the helping relationship, empathic communication, multicultural and legal issues, and stress and burnout management.

  • IST 310
    Global Leadership
    3 cr

    This course helps prepare students to assume global leadership roles in their careers and the community at large. Students explore leadership theories and principles as well as investigate leadership qualities among historical and contemporary individuals. In addition, students confront present-day global issues and argue viewpoints orally, as well as through persuasive and technical papers. Students are expected to complete an interdisciplinary project based on global issues.

    Pre-requisite: (ACT English 27 or SAT Critical Reading 610 or University - EH101 Exempt P or EH 101 Minimum Grade of C or EH 110 Minimum Grade of C or EH 190 Minimum Grade of C or USA 010 Minimum Grade of S) and (EH 102 Minimum Grade of C or EH 105 Minimum Grade of C).
  • IST 315
    Women's Issues in Wrkpl-Comm
    3 cr

    This course will examine contemporary issues faced by women in the workplace and the community from an interdisciplinary perspective. Some of the topics to be covered are gender communication issues, developing a leadership plan, playing the game, power talk, conflict management from a woman's point of view, international development, and women, sexuality and labor.

  • IST 320
    Cultural Competency
    3 cr

    An interdisciplinary exploration of issues related to interactions between diverse groups in teams, communities, and organizations. Reviews research from a variety of disciplines, introduces the history and law of equal opportunity in the U.S., and examines the costs and benefits of diversity. Topics include prejudice, stereotyping, affirmative action, barriers to mobility, discrimination, marginalization, mentoring, cooperative teamwork, and international issues.

  • IST 330
    Analytical & Info Lit.-W
    3 cr

    This course examines principles of qualitative and quantitative research methods and their application to interdisciplinary studies in the social sciences. Emphasis is on the development of functional literacy for information expressed quantitatively and thoughtful integration of such information into academic and practical research.

    Pre-requisite: EH 102 Minimum Grade of C or EH 105 Minimum Grade of C.
  • IST 350
    Adv Verbal & Written Comm - W
    3 cr

    This course builds on the foundation laid in freshman composition, stressing critical thinking, analysis, and research. It aims to prepare students oral presentations, research and writing papers.

  • IST 401
    Adults in Society
    3 cr

    Adults in Society is a media-assisted course that uses print material, videos, written assignments, and class discussions to explore issues which relate to adult development. Using an interdisciplinary approach, students will examine the relationship of adults to their families, work and communities.

  • IST 420
    Comm. Dev and Leadership
    3 cr

    Presents the conceptual foundations of community development and leadership, including basic concepts, methods and literature. Students will study theories of leadership, community development and human capital, investigate public relationships, examine community decision-making and responsible civic action. The course lays foundations for further study and practice in the field. Students will experience the interdisciplinary approaches to community development, leadership, politics, civic responsibility and teamwork.

  • IST 425
    Workplace Learning & Dev
    3 cr

    This project-based course explores workplace learning and development. It will introduce students to interdisciplinary learning and motivational theories necessary to prepare them to be effective in today's changing workplace, and provide them with the skills to problem-solve, lead and work as part of a team.

  • IST 430
    Senior Research Thesis - W
    3 cr

    An in-depth research project in the student's concentration. Provides an opportunity for the student to design a comprehensive research project, analyze and synthesize research data, and develop expertise in a particular subject.

    Pre-requisite: (IST 350 Minimum Grade of D and IST 495 Minimum Grade of D).
  • IST 450
    The Job Campaign
    3 cr

    Practical approach to career development designed to help students develop strategies for obtaining suitable employment and making career choices. Emphasis is on the principles, methods, and practice in achieving career goals through the study of careers, preparing resumes, writing letters of application, practicing job interview techniques, and identifying prospective employers.

  • IST 490
    Special Topics -
    1 TO 6 cr

    A variable topics course treating special themes. May be repeated for credit when course content varies.

  • IST 494
    Directed Studies
    1 TO 6 cr

    Directed Study of a topic consistent with the student's individualized program under the supervision of a member of the university faculty.

  • IST 495
    Prof Leadership & Teamwork
    3 cr

    Students will examine their skills, abilities, personality, attitudes, values, interests, and behaviors within the context of current scholarship on leadership to increase awareness of their leadership competencies.

  • IST 498
    Internship I-Capstone Exp-W
    3 TO 9 cr

    This internship course provides the student an opportunity to have an internship filed experience and to reflect on and critically evaluate that internship experience, particularly as it relates to the interdisciplinary course of study. Students will prepare reports, write papers, make presentations, and engage in group discussion that critically considers their internship experience.

    Pre-requisite: IST 350 Minimum Grade of C and (IST 302 Minimum Grade of D and IST 330 Minimum Grade of D).
  • IST 499
    Honors Senior Thesis - H-W
    3 TO 6 cr

    A substantial research project reflecting a commitment to genuine scholarship in the student's field of study. Provides an opportunity for the student to design a comprehensive research project, analyze and synthesize research data, and develop expertise in a particular subject. Fulfills the senior project requirement for the honors program.

  • IST 500
    Global Orientn-Ed Abroad-Grad
    0 TO 1 cr

    This is a pre-departure academic and orientation process course for all graduate students who plan on studying abroad in terms following their participating in this course. This course will facilitate the application, academic advising, pre-departure advising, and activities related to getting students ready for participation in their actual program abroad.