University Bulletin 2019-20

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  • PSG 001
    Adult Development Seminar I
    0 cr

    A learner-centered approach to developing self-advocacy, academic/career, independent living, and community integration skills is used. Seminar I focuses on personal safety and prevention, campus navigation, learning with technology, and personal care.

  • PSG 002
    Internship/Work Experiences I
    0 cr

    Individualized instruction focused on career exploration and soft skill development. Students will explore different job and career options during the semester as well as develop skills related to employment.

  • PSG 003
    Adult Dev Sem II
    0 cr

    A holistic instructional approach addresses individual learning goals in areas of functional skills and knowledge, application, integration, caring, and learning to learn is used. Seminar II focuses on goal setting, self-care, well-being, budgeting, and learning strategies.

  • PSG 004
    Intern/Wrk Exp II
    0 cr

    Individualized instruction focused workplace documentation, characteristics of good employees and employment development. Students will explore different job and career options while practicing skills they have learned in class in supervised work experiences.

  • PSG 005
    Adult Dev Sem III
    0 cr

    Students will participate in valuable and diverse learning experiences generalized to multiple environments. Seminar III focuses on transportation to and from campus, managing personal, fiances, interpersonal skills development, and citizenship responsibilities.

  • PSG 006
    Intern/Wrk Exp III
    0 cr

    Students will be placed in supervised internship/work placements and receive on job training. Individual job training will address Adult Education Program goals as well a student's needs.

  • PSG 007
    Adult Dev Sem IV
    0 cr

    Through individualized instructions students will refine self-advocacy, academic/career, independent/daily living, and community integration skills. Seminar IV focuses on advanced transportation, budgeting and finances, interpersonal, well-being, and self-care skills.

  • PSG 008
    Intern/Wrk Exp IV
    0 cr

    Students will have a supervised internship/work experience. Instruction will focus on the skills needed to gain and/or maintain paid employment. Individualized instruction will be provided.

  • PSG 090
    Sp Tp
    0 cr

    Guided study topics of specific interest to the student. Students will participate in inclusive classes that are part of the USA undergraduate curriculum.