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Speech and Hearing Sci

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  • SHS 201
    Intro to Comm Disorders
    3 cr

    Overview of major disorders of human communication and the role of the Audiologist and Speech-Pathologist in assessing and treating them.

  • SHS 302
    Audiology and Hearing Sciences
    3 cr

    This course addresses basic principles of hearing science, including the physical properties of sound, sound generation, transmission, and measurement, anatomy and physiology of the hearing mechanisms; an introduction to the profession of audiology.

  • SHS 315
    Fundamentals of Speech Science
    3 cr

    An introduction to the anatomy and physiology of speech production and the acoustic properties of speech.

  • SHS 331
    Normal Language Acquisition-W
    4 cr

    Acquisition of communicative behavior in normal children during the first decade of life; development of syntax, semantics, pragmatics, cognition; clinical laboratory experience with children.

    Pre-requisite: SHS 341 Minimum Grade of C.
  • SHS 341
    Clinical Phonetics
    4 cr

    Transcription techniques for the analysis of speech. Includes a study of the dynamics of speech sound production.

    Pre-requisite: (SHS 201 Minimum Grade of C or SHS 301 Minimum Grade of C). SHS 201 and SHS 301 can be taken concurrently with this course.
  • SHS 373
    Audiology I
    3 cr

    This course is an introduction to the following topics- disorders of hearing, etiologies of auditory and vestibular disorders found in populations of all ages, and evaluation techniques used by audiologists.

    Pre-requisite: SHS 302 Minimum Grade of C.
  • SHS 374
    Audiology II
    3 cr

    This course is a study of the principles of the management of hearing loss in children and adults; relevant legislation; and treatment and education options.

    Pre-requisite: SHS 373 Minimum Grade of C.
  • SHS 414
    Neurobiol Bases Human Comm
    3 cr

    Introduction to neuroscience and clinical neurology as they apply to the processes of normal and disordered communication. Topics include neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, and neuropathologies.

    Pre-requisite: SHS 315 Minimum Grade of C and SHS 331 Minimum Grade of C and SHS 341 Minimum Grade of C.
  • SHS 431
    Intro to Language Disorders
    3 cr

    A survey of language disorders in preschool and school-age children; assessment and intervention.

    Pre-requisite: SHS 331 Minimum Grade of C.
  • SHS 453
    Intro to Speech Disorders
    3 cr

    An introduction to disorders of articulation, voice, and fluency. Theoretical and etiological foundations will be surveyed as well as philosophical orientations to therapy.

    Pre-requisite: SHS 315 Minimum Grade of C and SHS 341 Minimum Grade of C.
  • SHS 480
    Issues in Clinical Pract - W
    4 cr

    Introduction to the clinical setting; organizations and statutes that govern professional service; instrumentation, procedures and approaches to remediation. Observation of therapy and indirect participation as a clinical aide are also a major part of this course. Special permission is required from instructor to take course.

    Pre-requisite: SHS 331 Minimum Grade of C and SHS 341 Minimum Grade of C and SHS 431 Minimum Grade of C.
  • SHS 490
    Special Topics -
    1 TO 3 cr

    Topics to be determined by student need and interest. Content will vary. A subtitle identifying the topic will be entered on the student's record. May be repeated for a total of 6 hours. Requires permission of the department chair.

  • SHS 494
    Directed Independent Study
    1 TO 3 cr

    Independent study under the direction of a faculty member. Requires permission of the department chair.

  • SHS 499
    Senior Honors Project - H - W
    1 TO 6 cr

    Under the advice and guidance of a faculty mentor, honors students will identify and carry out a research project relevant to the field of Speech Pathology and Audiology. The senior project will be judged and graded by three faculty members chaired by the honors mentor. This course is required for Honors recognition. Permission of the department chair and completion of an approved project prospectus is required.