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Speech Language Pathology

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  • SLP 596L
    Clin Pract Sp-Lang Path Lab
    1 TO 3 cr

    Supervised clinical experience in Speech-Language Pathology. May be repeated.

    Co-requisite: SLP 596
  • SLP 510
    Intro to Research Design
    3 cr

    A general presentation of research procedures. The student will learn to read and evaluate professional literature and develop a research prospectus.

  • SLP 521
    Advanced Speech Science
    3 cr

    The study of physical and acoustic concepts involved in speech production and perception including instrumental measurement and analysis.

  • SLP 532
    Clinical Linguistics
    3 cr

    This course gives the student an overview of the linguistic theories and approaches that are relevant to the field of speech sciences. There will be a particular emphasis on those areas of linguistics that underpin the diagnostic and assessment procedures used in Speech Pathology. The course will focus on development and language use in normal populations and will show how knowledge of the pattern of typically developing language users can be applied to clinical contexts.

  • SLP 533
    Pediatric Language Disorders
    3 cr

    Clinical assessment and management of language problems in infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, including language disorders associated with other developmental disorders and AAC.

  • SLP 534
    School-Aged Language Disorders
    3 cr

    This course covers assessment and intervention approaches for school-age language disorders, children beyond age 5 years. Topics include speech-language services at the discourse level; the relationship between language and literacy; service delivery models including integration; educational laws and policies.

  • SLP 541
    Adv Articulation Disorders
    3 cr

    Advanced study of disordered speech-sound production including these: development, assessment and intervention of articulation and phonological disorders in children.

  • SLP 545
    Assist Tech for Comm Disorders
    2 cr

    Introduction to the study an application of assistive technology, including low-to-high tech augmentative and alternative communication devices to aid communication for persons with communication disorders. The course includes device characteristics, program features, and intervention strategies as well as current trends in research for individual with complex communication needs.

  • SLP 551
    Voice and Resonance Disorders
    3 cr

    Advanced study of pathology, symptomatology, etiology, and treatment of voice and resonance disorders in children and adults.

  • SLP 561
    Fluency Disorders
    3 cr

    Study of theories, research, and contemporary treatment procedures in the area of fluency disorders.

  • SLP 565
    Neuromotor Disorders of Commun
    3 cr

    Review of neuroanatomy and physiology, nature of neuromuscular pathologies, methods of assessment and rehabilitation of neuromotor disorders of speech production.

  • SLP 566
    Aphasia & Neuro Lang Disorders
    3 cr

    Study of the nature, characteristics, and clinical management of acquired neurogenic language disorders associated with focal lesions to the left or right hemisphere, including aphasia and right hemisphere syndrome.

  • SLP 567
    Acq Cognitive Comm Disorders
    3 cr

    Study of the nature, characteristics, and clinical management of cognitive-communication disorders associated with diffuse brain lesion, including traumatic brain injury and dementia.

  • SLP 568
    4 cr

    This course provides an in-depth study of healthy and disordered swallowing function across the lifespan. Specifically, students will learn normal anatomy and physiological processes of the upper aerodigestive tract, how to conduct clinical and instrumental evaluations of swallowing function, and develop individualized, targeted treatment plans for various swallowing impairments.

  • SLP 588
    Audiology for Speech-Lang Path
    3 cr

    This course will address the SLP scope of practice, audiological tests, amplification, report literacy, and special topics. An interprofessional team approach with audiology will address co-management of services in individual with communication disorders.

  • SLP 590
    Dir Independent Research -
    1 TO 3 cr

    Independent research under the direction of a graduate faculty member. May be repeated. Requires permission of the instructor and the Graduate Advisor.

  • SLP 592
    Seminar in Comm Disorders -
    1 TO 10 cr

    This course is designed to provide the opportunity for in-depth study of special interests. Requires permission of the Graduate Advisor.

  • SLP 594
    Independent Study
    1 TO 3 cr

    Independent study under the direction of a graduate faculty member. May be repeated. Requires permission of instructor and Graduate Advisor.

  • SLP 596
    Clin Pract Speech-Lang Pathol
    1 TO 3 cr

    Discussion of instrumentation, procedures, and approaches to assessment and intervention in speech-language pathology.

    Co-requisite: SLP 596L
  • SLP 597
    Off-Campus Clinical Practicum
    1 TO 6 cr

    Students will complete a 14-week, part time clinical practicum at an off-campus site.

    Pre-requisite: SLP 596 Minimum Grade of B.
  • SLP 598
    Clinical Externship
    1 TO 12 cr

    Supervised clinical experience in a professional service facility.

  • SLP 599
    1 TO 3 cr

    One to three credits per semester with a maximum of three hours credit. Regular standing required. Requires permission of the Graduate Advisor.