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Sports Management

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  • SM 572
    Sport Event Law and Risk Mgmt
    3 cr

    Analytical understanding of legal issues and risk management trends as they relate to sport event management. Legal systems, human resource management, operations management, and liability of managing sport events and facilities will be emphasized.

  • SM 575
    Sport Ldshp and Org Behavior
    3 cr

    This course explores the essential functions of leadership in the management of sport organizations and sport events. Effective leadership in event operations will be studied, in addition to historical and current perspectives of organizational behavior. Students will gain an advanced understanding of practical leadership applications.

  • SM 584
    Sport Event Marketing-Media
    3 cr

    Study of the unique features of sport event marketing and media. Examines the strategies and activities or organizations to promote and produce sporting events.

  • SM 585
    Soc-Ethic Issues in Sport Mgmt
    3 cr

    A variety of social and ethical issues within the sport industry are presented. A value based approach to sport event decision making is emphasized using real-world examples and the application of ethical theories.

  • SM 586
    Sport Event and Facility Mgmt
    3 cr

    Designed to provide students the opportunity to learn multiple aspects of sports event management and the operations of sports facilities. Emphasis toward how to plan, manage, implement and evaluate sports events at various host site venues.

  • SM 587
    Sport Business and Finance
    3 cr

    This course provides sport managers with the skills to make effective financial management decisions in sport event settings. Students will apply appropriate investment, revenue generating, and budgeting concepts unique to the sport industry.

  • SM 594
    Directed Study and Research
    3 cr

    Students explore through directed study and research, problems and issues of special interest or significance in sport management. Not more than three semester hours of SM 594 can be accepted toward a degree program. Program advisor approval required.

  • SM 595
    Internship in Sport Management
    3 TO 6 cr

    A supervised learning experience in a sport management or related agency work setting. Provides the student with an opportunity to apply theories and concepts learned during the graduate program. No more than six semester hours of SM 595 can be accepted toward a degree program. Program advisor approval required.

  • SM 599
    1 TO 6 cr

    Independent research by the student under the sponsorship of the graduate faculty. Approved formal research prospectus and approval by thesis committee chair required.