University Bulletin 2022-23

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Department of Accounting (251) 460-6144
Interim Chair James Hardin
Professor Emeritus Mark A. Segal
Professors Baldwin, Hardin
Associate Professor Hua, Hsu, Vann
Assistant Professors Johnson, Rich
Instructors DeRoy, Foster, Madden

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Department of Accounting Mission

Our mission is to provide value-added accounting education, conduct research that improves accounting practice and instructional development, and provide service to the profession, university, and Gulf Coast Region constituencies. Our graduates should have the requisite accounting and information technology skills to become the future ethical leaders of the accounting profession.


Course Listing

Faculty Listing

Accounting Faculty
Baldwin, Amelia A. Accounting Professor BSBA, Auburn University
MAC, Auburn University
PHD, Virginia Polytechnic Inst and
DeRoy, Tiffany L. Accounting Instructor BSBA, University of South Alabama
MAC, University of South Alabama
Foster, Richard M. Accounting Instructor BSBA, University of Tennessee-Knox
MAC, University of South Alabama
Hardin, James R. Accounting Professor BSBA, Appalachian State University
MA, Appalachian State University
PHD, University of Mississippi
Hsu, Ko-Cheng Accounting Associate Professor BS, Illinois State University
MS, Illinois State University
MS, Iowa State University
PHD, University of Memphis
Johnson, Tristan B. Accounting Assistant Professor BSBA, Drexel University
PHD, Florida State University
Madden, Ellen K. Accounting Senior Instructor BA, Birmingham-Southern College
MBA, Spring Hill College
Rich, James C. Accounting Assistant Professor BBA, Campbell University
MBA, Troy University-Main
DBA, Kennesaw State University
Vann, Carol E. Accounting Assistant Professor BSBA, University of Southern Miss
MPAC, University of Southern Miss
PHD, University of Memphis
Xin Ph.D., Hua C. Accounting Associate Professor BS, Beijing Tech & Business Univ
MS, Beijing Tech & Business Univ
PHD, Rutgers The St U Central Offic