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Undergraduate Studies

The program of the Department of Biology is designed to contribute to a scientific background as part of a liberal education. The department offers a diversified, broadly based program, which can be designed to satisfy many areas of study. Our multitrack major can provide the traditional student with a well-rounded background in biology, or students may select courses to prepare them for a particular area of study. The multitrack curriculum can prepare students for graduate study, pre-health professional fields (such as medicine or dentistry), marine biology, or environmental science. The department has persons trained to advise in each of these areas. A list of advisors for a specific track or area of study can be obtained from the departmental office.

All first-time freshmen must successfully complete CAS 100: First Year Experience as a degree requirement. Students must enroll during their first term at USA, except for summer-entry students, who must enroll in the fall semester following entry.

Biology majors are required to take CIS 150, BLY 304 or ST 210 to fulfill the technology proficiency requirement, which was formerly known as the computer proficiency requirement.

Effective for fall, 2016, Major Milestones are used in all concentrations of the Biology Bachelor of Science major to help students stay on track for timely graduation. Each regular semester in the Biology major is a tracking term. To remain on track, students must complete the milestone requirements for each tracking term. These requirements are viewable on the Major Milestone tab above.

Major milestone requirements apply only to full-time, degree-seeking students who first entered Fall 2016 or later. Milestone requirements do not apply to transfer students in the Biology program.

The sample academic plan viewable on the Major Milestone tab above is designed to ensure graduation in the Biology major in four years. Several academic plans are available -- consult with your academic advisor for the plan that is the best fit for you. For specific course requirements, refer to the program requirements above and the General Education requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Course Listing

Faculty Listing

Biology Faculty
Borden, Joel A. Biological Sciences Instructor BS, Jacksonville State University
MS, University of South Alabama
Chupp, Adam D. Biological Sciences Assistant Professor BS, Ohio University-Main Campus
MS, Virginia Commonwealth U
PHD, Southern Illinois U-Carbondale
Delaney Tucker, Cynthia L. Biological Sciences Senior Instructor BS, University of West Florida
MS, University of South Alabama
Hamil, Tray W. Biological Sciences Senior Instructor BS, Univ of Alabama-Birmingham
MS, University of South Alabama
Henning, Jeremiah A. Biological Sciences Assistant Professor BS, University of Wisconsin-Oshko
MS, University of Wisconsin-Oshko
PHD, University of Tennessee-Knox
Howell, Jacquelyn S. Biological Sciences Instructor BS, University of South Alabama
MS, University of South Alabama
Littlefield, Ryan S. Biological Sciences Assistant Professor BA, Johns Hopkins University
PHD, Scripps Research Institute
Major, Kelly M. Biological Sciences Professor BA, Elmira College
PHD, University of Maine
Mata, Juan L. Biological Sciences Associate Professor BS, Univ of Costa Rica
MS, Univ of Costa Rica
PHD, University of Tennessee-Knox
McCreadie, John W. Biological Sciences Professor BS, University of Guelph
MS, Memorial Univ of Newfoundland
PHD, Memorial Univ of Newfoundland
Ni Chadhain, Sinead M. Biological Sciences Assistant Professor BS, University of Scranton
PHD, University of Delaware
Perez, Jonathan H. Biological Sciences Assistant Professor BA, Amherst College
PHD, University of California-Davis
Sherman, Timothy D. Biological Sciences Professor BS, Arkansas Tech University
PHD, Texas A & M University
Strickland, Jason L. Biological Sciences Assistant Professor BS, Angelo State University
MS, Angelo State University
PHD, University of Central Florida