University Bulletin 2022-23

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Minor in Computer Science

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(23 hours) A student wishing to obtain a minor in Computer Science must complete all courses shown below with a minimum grade of "C".

Course Course Title
CSC 120 Problem Solving and Programming Concepts
CSC 228 Digital Logic and Computer Architecture
CSC 231 Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms
CSC 311 Networking and Communications
CSC 322 Operating Systems
CSC 332 Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms
And one course from  
CSC 320 Computer Organization and Architecture
CIS 324
CSC 324

Database Design, Development, and Management
Database Concepts

CSC 331 Software Engineering Principles (W)

*At least 9 hours of courses in the minor, including all 300 level courses, must be completed at the University of South Alabama.

Department of Computer Science Staff  
Professor & Computer Science Chair Dr. Todd Andel

Department of Computer Science website

Computer Science is a discipline that involves the understanding and design of computers and computational processes. In its most general form, it is concerned with the understanding of information transfer and transformation. Particular interest is placed on making processes efficient and endowing them with some form of intelligence. The discipline includes both advancing the fundamental understanding of algorithms and information processes in general, as well as the practical design of efficient, reliable software to meet given specifications. Courses offer students the opportunity to explore current trends in computing such as:  cyber security, artificial intelligence, machine learning,  big data, video game development, computer graphics and robotics.