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Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language Graduate Certificate

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The TEFL/TESL Certificate provides a credential to individuals who plan to teach English as a Foreign Language (EFL) internationally or English as a Second Language (ESL) in adult/intensive English programs in the United States.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language/Teaching English as a Second Language (TEFL/TESL ) Graduate Certificate (15 Hours)

Course Course Title Credit Hours
ELT 530 Methods and Materials for ESOL 3 hrs
ELT 545* Cross-Cultural Understanding 3 hrs
LNG 500 Introduction to Applied Linguistics 3 hrs
LNG 510 Applied Linguistics 3 hrs
IDE 597 Internship 3 hrs
  Total Hours 15 hrs

* EDF 515 Education in a Diverse Society may be substituted with permission of the program coordinator if ELT 545 is not offered.

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Interim Chair James P. Van Haneghan
Professors Getch, Stefurak, Van Haneghan           
Associate Professors Billingsley, Fregeau, McDermott
Assistant Professors Ding, Gaston, McCarty, Moore, Upton, Zha

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