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Economics and Finance

Department of Economics and Finance (251) 460-7171
Chair Kenneth J. Hunsader 
Professors Hunsader, Swofford, Wood
Associate Professor Pennywell
Assistant Professors Affuso, Cummings, Huang, Istiak, Lahtinen, Lawrey, Le, Wiser

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The Economics and Finance major is designed to prepare students for managerial positions in business and government. Three concentrations are available within the Economics/Finance major: Economics, Finance, and Real Estate. All Economics/Finance majors are required to take the following two courses and choose one concentration area:

  • ECO 315
  • FIN 343 or ECO 340

The economics concentration

The Economics program is designed to prepare students for professional careers in managerial positions, government, administration, education, and others. Positions in business economics and graduate study require knowledge of economics and the application of economic tools to analyze problems for decision-making.

The finance concentration

The Finance program is designed to provide an understanding of the various areas and principles of finance. Students will develop a body of specialized knowledge and analytical techniques that are used in the acquisition, allocation and management of financial resources. Finance careers are typically in industry and commercial businesses, public utilities and government agencies, banks, insurance companies, brokerage houses, investment companies and other financial institutions. The finance degree is appropriate for students who plan a career in corporate finance, financial planning, investment planning and research, or insurance.

The Real Estate Concentration

The Real Estate program is designed to educate and prepare students for the myriad of professional careers available in residential, commercial, and related real estate industries.  Students will develop the specialized quantitative and qualitative skills necessary to elevate their knowledge of real estate as an asset class and investment vehicle.  Studying real estate will better prepare students for the unique demands and complex risks associated with real estate practice and investment.  Additionally, exposure to active real estate professionals through coursework and internships will provide students the opportunity to begin building a professional network that will add value to their education, and enhance their career prospects upon graduation.

Degrees, Minors, or Certificates

Course Listing

Faculty Listing

Economics and Finance Faculty
Affuso, Ermanno Economics-Finance Assistant Professor MS, Polytechnic University of Bari
PHD, Auburn University
Cummings, John R. Economics-Finance Assistant Professor BA, University of NC- Chapel Hill
MBA, University of Mobile
DBA, Kennesaw State University
Huang, Ying Economics-Finance Assistant Professor MRCP, University of Memphis
MS, University of Memphis
PHD, University of Memphis
Hunsader, Kenneth J. Economics-Finance Professor BS, Florida State University
PHD, Florida State University
Istiak, Khandokar Economics-Finance Assistant Professor BS, University of Dhaka
MS, University of Dhaka
MA, University of Arizona
PHD, Univ of Calgary
Lahtinen, Kyre D. Economics-Finance Assistant Professor BS, Florida State University
MS, Florida State University
PHD, Florida State University
Lawrey, Christopher M. Economics-Finance Assistant Professor BS, Arkansas State University-Main
MBA, Arkansas State University-Main
PHD, University of Mississippi
Le, Huubinh B. Economics-Finance Assistant Professor BS, Georgia State University
PHD, Kansas State University
Pennywell, Gwendolyn P. Economics-Finance Associate Professor BS, Prairie View A & M University
PHD, Georgia State University
Swofford, James L. Economics-Finance Professor BA, University of Richmond
MA, University of Florida
PHD, University of Florida
Wiser, Matthew J. Economics-Finance Assistant Professor BA, University of Rochester
MS, Louisiana State University
MS, Louisiana State University
PHD, Louisiana State University
Wood Jr., Bob G. Economics-Finance Professor BS, Arkansas State University-Main
MBA, Arkansas State University-Main
PHD, Louisiana State University