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Professional Health Sciences - Healthcare Management (BS)

Bachelor's Degree In Professional Health Sciences

The Department of Emergency Medical Services offers a BS degree in Professional Health Sciences, with a choice of two concentrations, Healthcare Management and Healthcare Informatics. This program is designed for students who wish to have a well-rounded background in health sciences, but do not wish to pursue a specific professional degree or allows students in pre-professional programs that change their mind about specific professional degrees to apply most of their course credits towards another degree. The program provides broad information in health related disciplines.  Graduates from this program should be suited to work at hospitals, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical supply sales, , long-term care facilities, assistant to hospital managers, physician offices, or health informatics technicians. They could also pursue an MPA to go into hospital administration.

All students are required to fulfill a 41 semester hour General Education Core and a 21 semester hour Preprofessional Core as outlined in the curriculum below. 

  • Minimum GPA of 2.0 in all pre-requisite courses and a minimum University GPA of 2.0.
Bachelor's Degree in Professional Health Sciences Curriculum Credit Hours
Bachelor's Degree in Professional Health Sciences Curriculum   122
General Education Core    41
EH 101 3 hrs  
EH 102 3 hrs  
CA 110 3 hrs  
Fine Arts Elective 3 hrs  
Literature I and Literature II* or Humanities Elective 3,3 hrs  
MA 112 3 hrs  
BLY 101 or 121 4 hrs  
Any Lab Science 4 hrs  
PSY 120 3 hrs  
SY 109 3 hrs  
History I and History** or Social Science Electives 3,3 hrs  
*Must complete a two semester series of either Literature or History    
Pre-Professional Core   21
EMS 110  or Science Elective (4)  3 hrs  
EMS 104 1 hr  
EMS 210 3 hrs  
ST 210 3 hrs  
BMD 251 (pre-professional)
or 110 (non-science major)
4 hrs  
BMD 252 (pre-professional)
or 111 (non-science major)
4 hrs  
BMD 210 or BLY 213 3 hrs  
Health Sciences Core (Required for both HCS tracks)   48
EMS 310 3 hrs  
EMS 320 3 hrs  
EMS 340 3 hrs  
EMS 401 3 hrs  
EMS 440 3 hrs  
EMS 460 3 hrs  
IST 450 3 hrs  
MGT 300 3 hrs  
EH 372  3 hrs  
FIN 300   hrs  
CA 275   hrs  
General Electives
(100- 400 Levels) or requirements for Minor
15  hrs  
Track 1: Health Care Management Core    12
MGT 305 3 hrs  
MGT 340 3 hrs  
MGT 351 3 hrs  
MKT 320 3 hrs  
Track 2: Health Care Informatics Core   12
HI 300  3 hrs  
HI 410 3 hrs  
HI 450 3 hrs  
HI 455 3 hrs  
Department of Emergency Medical Services Education
Administrative Staff
(251) 461-1832
Chair Charles Erwin
Program Directors Brooks, Powell, AGEMSS: D. Garmon
Medical Director Steve Bowden, M.D.
Professor Frazer
Instructors Brooks, Ellzie, Erwin, Garmon, McDonald, Powell
Academic Advisors Brooks,
Part-time Instructors Payne
Clinical Faculty McKenna
CME Coordinator Barnett

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The Department of EMS Education prepares students for careers in Emergency Medical Services. To meet the expanding role of prehospital providers, the Department of EMS Education offers three certificate programs, EMT, AEMT and Paramedic, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Emergency Medical Services.