Bulletin 2021-2022

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Hospitality and Tourism Management

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Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management  (251) 461-1902
Chair   Robert J. Thompson  
Assistant Professors Green, Thompson
Instructors Donaldson

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Improve the well-being of people along the Gulf Coast by producing hospitality, tourism and ecotourism professionals who possess fiscal, social, environmental and professional competencies through education and training, job placement and partnerships.


To advance the people of the Gulf Coast, and the global community through the creation and dissemination of knowledge and experience anchored in sustainable and best practices in the hospitality, tourism and ecotourism sectors.


Provide graduates with career and life competencies for sustainable employment, local and global leadership, engaged citizenry and research opportunities.

Program Educational Objectives

Develop learner-focused pedagogies that:

  • Prepare students for global hospitality, tourism and ecotourism careers from an interdisciplinary perspective.
  • Provide students with observational, situational, experiential learning and research opportunities.
  • Apply and infuse sustainable and best hospitality, tourism and ecotourism practices.


Faculty Listing

Hospitality and Tourism Management Faculty
Donaldson, Amanda B. Hospitality and Tourism Instructor BS, University of Alabama
MS, University of Alabama
Thompson, Robert J. Hospitality and Tourism Assistant Professor BFA, University of Southern Miss
MBA, University of Guelph
PHD, University of Southern Miss